How do you set a BIG Vision for your Network Marketing team?

To grow a massive organization, you want to inspire and motivate your team on how to have a vision that is bullet-proof.

Here I share just how to Craft a Vision that is so big that nothing can or will stop you and your team from hitting the goals you set to achieve.

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Crafting A Large Vision For Your Network Marketing Team

How do you set a big vision for your team?

Well, first of all, you need to understand that people have much different goals.

I see some teams that all their marketing it’s Lambos and Ferraris.

I would venture to say 10% or LESS of your team are interested in Lambos and Ferraris.

What Are They Interested In

Let me tell you what they are interested in:

Spending more time with their kids.

Paying back their parents.

Taking their parents on vacations.

Being able to donate to their church

Donating to their community.

Being able to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Inspiring people.

That’s what 90% of the people in your team are interested in.

Crave That Stage

Maybe they’re like me and they’ve had something to prove.

I’ve had something to prove my whole life. I wasn’t aware of it for the majority of my life. Once I recognized it, I could actually act intelligently on how I showed up in life. But before, it was just, “I got something to prove all the time.”

If you just talk about, “Don’t you want to be on your company’s stage? Don’t you want to be in that limelight? Don’t you want to hear all that applause?”

My guess would be that might apply to maybe 20% of your market.

Some people, being on stage is NOT fun. It may stress them out. It may even be detrimental to talk about them being on stage.

But you talk about them seeing their people on stage. You talk about seeing their sister on stage, their aunt and uncle on stage. Talk about their parents being in the crowd and you getting mentioned from stage. You talk about their teammates up on stage pointing at them with tears running down their eyes.

Paint The Vision

So, you just got to realize you want to paint a big vision.

It’s not money. It’s what money can do.

[clickToTweet tweet=”For most people, money isn’t the driver. They’re wanting the things that money does.” quote=”For most people, money isn’t the driver. They’re wanting the things that money does.”]

Like going to the restaurant and paying for everyone at the table. And, never even looking at the price tag.

Or money can help you to say, “Hey, you know what? Let me fly my nanny out.”

It can allow you do a lot of stuff.

So, you’ve got to talk about what are the things that it does.

How To Deal With Skepticism

Lets face it, being in Network Marketing you are often NOT respected. If you are playing BIG, you are going to get skepticism and criticism from others.

Make sure to set yourself and your team up to deal with other people’s distrust.

In the video below, I share exactly what conquers people’s skepticism and paves the way for HUGE success.

What did you think of that? Was the helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Feel free to share this with your team.

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