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How to Call Back and Convert MLM Leads


So you finally got some MLM leads, what do you do now? That is a very common question that I get. This quick blog post will cover what to say when you call them and how to convert as many MLM Leads as possible using the telephone.

How to reach out to MLM Leads that you purchased

Some of you know I have a partnership with responsive data and sell leads through my site at Top Earner MLM Leads. Here are my suggestions to buy MLM leads whether through me or someplace else.

1. Call them as quickly as possible. Leads that are local and or real-time are the best. The longer it takes for you to receive the lead and call them back, the less likely they will recall entering their information and the greater chance you will have of NOT converting them.

2. I get this question ALL THE TIME. “Ray, when I call these leads, what should I sell them? Should I sell them MLSP first or my primary company?” I suggest NOT having a already determined sales product when calling them. My suggestion is call them and LISTEN. Listen to what they are looking for and what they are also able to do. If someone is dead broke, then you may want to promote to them a low cost entry product at first to get them in the door. You may be talking to a lead that is very satisfied with their network marketing business but looking for ways to market it better, for those, I would suggest promoting My Lead System Pro.

3. After you listen to them tell you what their wants and problems are, offer them a solution and then a pathway to follow if they want to solve their problem. For example, you mentioned you really needed to do something about _______, if I could show you a way that would help with that, would you be open to it or are you not that serious about it right now? When they answer that they are serious, respond with, I have a video at ______, go through that to see if it is a fit or not and if it is or you have questions, call me back at _________. Note: You could also schedule how soon they plan on watching the video and follow back up with them if that is more your style.


How to call back MLM Leads that opted into your website/blog

I guess we should tackle the first question of SHOULD you call back an MLM Lead that opted into your website? Here is my opinion and estimation:

If you are brand new and do not have a strong online presence, you will lose 95% of the network marketing leads that you do not call. They will go find someone willing to call them or join a stronger marketer and give up on the fact that anyone cares enough to actually call them, either way, 95% of your leads will not sign with you if you are new and you decide to be too lazy to call them.

If you have a strong brand and have the ability to get signups without calling them, you will only lose about 30-40% of your MLM leads, the rest may sign up with you. The only bad part is the best leads, will go find a leader that will call them back so the ones you do lose by not calling will be the best possible ones.

Here are my suggested steps to calling back a MLM lead that opted into your website:

1. Call them back as quickly as possible. If you get their voicemail, leave a voicemail saying, “Hey, this is ____, you visited my website at ____ and I am just calling you to let you know there is a real person behind the website. If I can help you in any way, call me back at ______.” If you want to be more vague, and raise curiosity and probably the amount of calls you get back, you can leave this one, “Hey, this is ______, I was referred to you, you can reach me at _______”.

2. Similar to above, listen to them and their needs and offer something appropriate to what they are looking for. The above script works well with these leads as well.

3. Look for them on Facebook and try to connect with them that way. You would be amazed at who will NOT return your calls but will answer your facebook message and then later get on the phone with you.

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