stop-marketers-squareToday you are going to learn the four most common obstacles to online marketing and how to get over them.

Be warned that this may help you get actual results and get past all your excuses!

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The Four Common Obstacles to Marketing

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There are four common obstacles to online marketing and I’m gonna give you the brief breakdown and then for full details be sure to watch the video below.

Number 1. People want everything perfect before they produce or launch, and in that, in that strive for perfection, they make no moves as they constantly find yet another thing to fret about. Did you hear about the person that was a perfectionist that waited until they got everything perfect before they launched their life-changing program? Of course, you didn’t because they never did. Don’t let this be you.

There’s no perfection especially when you’re just starting something.

If I looked at all the different things I’ve done in my life, I didn’t start perfectly or even remotely close, but I never would have gotten better had I not gotten started, and that’s the big thing. Stop seeking perfection because in that seeking of perfection, you’re actually limiting the number of people you’re helping. Do you want to help more people? Then, get started imperfectly.

Number 2. They use negative language toward all things technology. This gives them something to blame and justify for their lack of movement. I didn’t grow up with computers either. Hardly any of us grew up with the internet but we were able to learn.

If you have blood pumping through your veins, you have the capacity to learn if you get your language out of the way. Stop complaining about technology, stop talking about all the things you don’t know, and instead, freaking learn. I used to be just totally goofy stupid on computers. Guess what? I enrolled in classes just to get better at basic operations of a computer.

Now, I’m not the technical guru by far, but I get stuff done. Stop using negative language toward technology or else you’re going to keep manifesting these obstacles that you have in your life, these roadblocks that you have in your life around technology, so just stop.

You don’t have to know everything about technology, but stop using negative language to dictate that your experience sucks. That dictates it, so stop it. That would be number 2.

Number 3. They suffer from Comparitis, and they focus on the highlight reels of those that have taken massive action and followed a set of processes instead of doing those processes and taking that same type of action.

Stop comparing yourself, and instead, look at their processes and say to yourself, “What did they do to get there? What did they do? Let me do those things.” Instead of this BS comparing myself, which does no one any good. It makes you less grateful. It makes you less likely to attract anything to your life that’s worth attracting. Stop comparing yourself, and instead, look at their processes. What did they do? Did they blog? Did they prospect? Did they show up to events? Did they invest in their education? What did they do? What are the processes?

Number 4. They constantly look outside of themselves as the reasons they aren’t as successful as they want to be. It might be their upline. It might be their coach. It might be their teammates. It might be their spouse. They fail to see people with the same coach, with the same upline, with the same teammates create success. They fail to see that because they’re constantly looking for someone external of them to be responsible and help them become successful.

Those are the 4 things. Here’s the problem with these 4 things. They can be justified the rest of your life, and they don’t address the actual issue, and that is all you need to have to get anything accomplished is the will to do it.

Much more in this jam-packed, straight talking video below, enjoy.

Was that helpful? Feel free to share and I’d love to hear which of the four spoke to you the most. Hope these tips help you get past some of these common obstacles!

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