Today we are going to talk about cold prospecting for network marketing.

When it comes to cold prospecting, the very first thing that we are going to talk about is…why do influencers bash it so much? Next, I’m going to share how we have seen it work even in today’s technology. Then I’m going to share how we have seen it work in today’s environment. Lastly I want to share how to do it. How to do cold prospecting network marketing right now so that you get more results.

Now first of all, before I was ever a trainer, I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company and I did both. I did cold prospecting, I did warm market, I did a lot of videos and a lot of attraction marketing. When we launched Rank Makers back in 2017, we started teaching a lot of the strategies to all different companies that I did and what my wife and I did to build a substantial business in network marketing. Over the last three years, we have helped network marketers bring in over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps and achieve 14,000 rank advances. Certainly not all of that is through cold prospecting but a good chunk of it is.

The question is why do influencers bash it?

Well, influencers bash it really for two reasons.

Number one, they bash it because they don’t need to do it. If you’re an influencer, you just don’t need to send cold messages. Now, would it work? Yes it would. If influencers sent cold messages, it would work. It would work for them, there’s a percentage of people that would join whether they knew them or not or was already following them or not but they don’t do it because it doesn’t express their persona that they have built through influence.

The problem, the big problem, the number one problem with influencers bashing cold prospecting is they are knocking people out of the game that might have success if they only did cold prospecting.

What works for the influencer often, usually will not work for the person without influence. You have to be careful of who are you learning from and are they teaching from their current experiences or are they teaching from a related experience where you can connect with them on? If someone’s saying here’s how to start from zero and you’re at zero then that’s probably someone good to learn from. Let me give you an example of this.

You’ve probably heard that most millionaires have a dozen or more streams of income. I found it is true. I have a bunch of different streams of income but that was after I made money, that’s a very important distinction. If you’re someone that thinks well most millionaires….most billionaires fly private jets, well I guess I should fly private jets. That’s the same kind of thinking of if you start attempting to do the things as the person that has already achieved those things then sometimes it’s not going to work. Most millionaires became millionaires then developed other streams of income.

You want to be aware of what’s going to work for me versus what is the influencer saying or bashing that might not. I can tell you right now that we have seen incredible stories of people who came from nothing, had no influence, their warm market rejected them, they didn’t understand marketing and they did cold prospecting and crushed it in their company. You want to be very aware of influencers that bash cold prospecting because it means one thing: they don’t understand you and that’s the big, big problem.

Now, maybe you’re an influencer and you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t need a cold prospect either.” Well at some point you’re going to recruit someone or one of your teammates are going to recruit someone that isn’t an influencer that could do cold prospecting and if that’s a message in your team, you’re actually cutting your check. I would say you’re cutting your check by anywhere from 20 to 40 percent by ruling out or by making it seem terrible if someone tries to cold prospect in your team. You’re actually cutting a lot of people out that could create success.

How have we seen it work?

Well I’m going to give you two quick stories.

The first one is about my wife. When we were first dating she went on social media and went to her friends. She was 21 years old at the time and she went to her friends who were mainly partying and wanted to do shots and didn’t want to hear anything about her home business, “that’s weird.” She got rejected from so many different people she was connected to, went home, the family made fun of her but through cold prospecting on Facebook, (that means people she did not know) she built a 10,000 a month income then went on to become the number one female earner in that company. People she did not know from all over the world. I remember she brought in a guy in Sacramento, California and he was a financial planner. He ran an office of 10 or 15 other financial planners and he signed up everyone in his office. We had a very unique network marketing product but one of those guys in his office ended up buying $250,000 worth of our product in the first 45 days. Just imagine you reach out to some stranger, they sign up 15 or however many financial planners and then there’s a $250,000 order placed all in within two months. That’s one person she reached out to that led to massive income and massive massive volume.

The second story I want to share with you is our student Christina Danielle. She is in a pet supplies company and she is the number one recruiter in that company. She doesn’t have a pet and she’s done it 100% through cold prospecting strangers. There’s a couple methods that she does that I’ll share in our last tip. She joined a company that was bashing cold prospecting until they interviewed her and said, “wait you’re reaching out to strangers?” She is their top recruiter so now they have changed their tune. They’re like “oh wait a minute, maybe it does work…” because they’re seeing it work.

There’s a way to do it and there’s definitely a way not to do it. This is not spamming. This is not you sending people your link and saying, “you should join, it’s awesome.” No, no. It’s you using psychology, it’s you seeing who’s open to learning more and talking to them in a certain way which I will break down in the last step.

Do this first.

Before we get to the last point and actually teach you how to do cold prospecting, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, We roll out a lot of free content to help you become a top earner in your company. Also I would love to hear from you so feel free to drop me a comment as well.

How do you do cold prospecting in network marketing in today’s environment?

First you need to understand the definition of spam. I have realized that some influencers have done such a good job of bashing cold messaging that people just default to “oh, that’s spamming.” No, it’s not spamming. Let me share with you what spamming is. Spamming is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence.

If the guy walks up to the girl at the hotel bar and says, “I got a room upstairs,” never met her, doesn’t know anything about her and that’s his line. I’m not saying it’ll never work. I’m not saying that…but that’s making an assumption, isn’t it? What if the same guy goes up to the same girl at the hotel bar and says, “hey, are you here with anyone? Can I buy you a drink?” Is that terrible, is that aggressive, is that horrible? She may say no, but is that icky? It’s not icky. I want to teach you how to be more like that and this is not assuming the position. This is not trying to cram your thing down their throat and tell them how no-brainer it is or how they’re an idiot if they don’t do it. It’s you just seeing are they open. Can I sit next to you, can I not and if not, it’s totally cool.

How you reach out to people on social media or however you’re doing it is first understand what is going to be going through their mind. They’re going to wonder a few things, do I know you, what do you want and why me? Why specifically me? Why did you of all the people in the world, why did you reach out to me? You have to be able to answer that piece and a lot of people don’t bother with that. They just say ,”Hey there, I’m Ray in Naples, Florida and I have this awesome opportunity, you should look at it.” I didn’t cover why them and I didn’t cover do we know each other, right? If you’re going to reach out to someone, here’s my suggested script.

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see ____(It could be either location or occupation). I see that you’re in Dallas, Texas and I’m looking to expand there. I see that you’re a realtor and I happen to work with a lot of realtors.” You’re acknowledging something about (usually) their occupation or location. Now the only exception to that is if they’ve gone on social media and expressed “I really wish I could just lose some darn weight.” Well you could use that…”Hey, I know we don’t know each other, I see that you recently talked about losing weight. I’d be happy to help you.”

“Hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see that you’re in Dallas, Texas. I’m looking to expand there or I see that you’re a realtor and I happen to work with a lot of realtors. Would you be open to taking a look at what I’m doing to blank? Would you be open to taking a look at what I’m doing to help people lose weight, would you be open to taking a look at what I’m doing to help people make extra money. You’re rolling out the benefit and then you cap it off with “if not, no big deal.”

The full script if I’m reaching out to someone in Dallas might be “hey, I know we don’t know each other. I see you’re in Dallas, Texas, I’m looking to expand there. Would you be open to taking a look at what I’m doing to make some extra money on social media? If you’re open to it great. If not, no big deal.”

Who’s upset about that? There’s actually only one answer, only one type of person is upset about that and that’s another network marketer because they’re very cannibalistic. They eat their own. Do not send this to an existing network marketer because they’ve been taught a very different way and they’re not going to like your way. This is designed to go to the normals…the people that are not in network marketing. You want to take a minute and look at their profile and see if they are promoting something else. Are they promoting streams of income or something like that and if you determine that they’re a network marketer then I wouldn’t send that script. In fact I wouldn’t prospect them because to me that’s like asking the lady that’s married if she keeps her options open, I don’t like that. I’m not a home wrecker. If they’re in a company, bless them. I hope they do really, really well. I’m talking about all the billions of people that aren’t in a company that are looking for solutions but they may not have one. That’s a very, very basic primer on how to do it and we do cover more of this here on this blog and on our YouTube channel.

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