Closing the Sale in Network Marketing

closing the sale

No one gets paid without closing the sale. Understanding this is important if you want to make more money.

Watch this short (and kinda funny) video on closing the sales the right way.

Prospecting vs Closing

MOST network marketing companies teach prospecting and inviting but don’t teach the actual art of closing the sale. I believe they do this because they just want people to get out there and talk to as many people as possible without bogging them down with tactics that take a small bit of extra time to master.

If you understand that your business is ONLY impacted when you finish, you might consider watching the below video to help you get better at closing the sale. Another way I encourage you to look at closing is the only people you will EVER impact are the people that you get into your business and or on your product. Learning the art of closing is the most profitable skill you can develop as it increases the profit and efficiency of ALL other activities.

**Warning: Some advanced closing the sale tactics are taught inside the below video, it will help you with closing the sale in network marketing and possibly even get more dates…see what I mean below 😉

Closing the Sale Video

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