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MLM Tips: Causes of Poverty Mindset


Inside this video, that some may or may not agree with, I talk about causes of poverty mindset as well as solutions to poverty.

Watch this video and get some insight on some differences between those that get out of their circumstances and those that do not.

NOTE: I am going to be mingling Poverty and Poverty Mindset, it’s because one is the result and the other is the set of habits.

What Do I Mean by Poverty Mindset?

For the purpose of this video and blog post, I am NOT referring to the poverty that is of the no shoes, homeless nature but of the more common poverty that includes one or both of the following:

1. Consistently having more bills at the end of the month than money.

2. Consistently living check to check.

Now, some people may classify the above two issues as “normal” or perhaps “middle-income”, these two problems are symptoms of poverty in my opinion. Now, this is NOT judging anyone experiencing either of these issues, I’ve been there and was there for years, just making you a little uncomfortable which may create some hope to change your situation.

Stop Focusing on the Wrong Thing

I imagine for some they took my definition of poverty as harsh. Well, the problem is too many people think it is normal so I am trying to be harsh, however, when talking about money, don’t focus on the wrong thing.

Stop focusing on a result and instead focus on the habit(s) that created that result.

If you have hardly any money in the bank, that IS a result, staring at it, wafting incense around it, won’t change it, it IS a result. Instead look at the types of habits you have had that created that result. YES, there are sometimes things outside our control but if you have consistently been struggling with the two definitions of poverty I share above, it IS your habits that need changing.

You Aren’t Meant to be Broke

Broke doesn’t just apply to money by the way, it also applies to relationships, health, etc. Now, some people associate being rich with the inability to have great relationships for some weird reason, or that to be rich you have to sacrifice time with family and that is just ridiculous but it IS their reason for staying in poverty. (again, refer to my two definitions above for what I am calling poverty).

Having a negative association with having a lot of money WILL keep you in poverty and the bottom line is, whatever your calling is in life, WITH more money you can do a bigger job of it. IF you are super charitable, it is selfish for you NOT to become rich so you can associate with higher net worth people that can also give to your cause and so that you can afford to give more time and money to whatever it is you want to support, not out of guilt but out of want.

Can you see why thinking negatively about being wealthy are one of the causes of poverty?

Warning: The below video may piss some people off, it’s meant to. There isn’t a circumstance that someone with blood running through their veins cannot overcome to become who they truly want to and that is the message I hope you receive.

Video: Causes of Poverty Mindset and a Solution

That video probably stirred up some kind of emotions within you. Maybe you thought something like, “That’s easy for him to say” or “You don’t understand my situation”, all I ask before you consider sticking with a negative emotion is will that emotion serve you and your family or could that emotion be part of the problem?

IF you open your eyes to a new world, maybe it’s OK to admit the old world was a silly model. I used to live check to check, I was in foreclosure, I used to spend all my money on stupid consumer stuff before I had expendable income. My old world was a silly model, now I hope to help others into a new way of being. A way of being where you don’t stress over every single dollar. The funny thing is people with money are always accused of only caring about money, it’s actually the other way around. Those that are dead broke are the ones that think of money every waking second, when you have money, you don’t have to worry about it nearly as much and instead can choose to live your life the way you WANT to.

Big message today, feel free to share and comment if you feel more should hear this message.

To Your Abundance!

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