This post will share my answers to the question, why buy a Tesla, if you are considering a new car, read this first.

Most people have no idea all the benefits of a Tesla but I will share one negative too.

First of all…I am NOT much of a Car Guy

Through the network marketing profession we have earned a BMW 7 series (almost a $100k car), a BMW 528i and a BMW x5. All nice vehicles but not being a car guy, they really didn’t do a whole lot for me. BMW has amazing service and they are without a doubt great vehicles but again, nothing that really blew me away. By the way, the way MOST car programs work in the network marketing niche is if you work hard you hit a rank where they cover your payments each month (so long as you maintain that rank) in case you were wondering.

Why Buy a Tesla? Here are my Reasons that I Did

**Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Tesla in anyway. I do not get a toaster oven or any commission if you buy from my site or use the information in this site to purchase a Tesla. I simply love the mission of their company and what they stand for.

I have found that most people I talk to have no idea all the benefits of owning a Tesla, hence one of the reasons I am writing this blog post. Yesterday I picked up my Tesla P85 Model S from the West Palm Beach, Florida Dealer and drove her home. I have yet to name the car which you can do in the settings, any ideas for me? All my sons could come up with were comic book villains or heroes lol.

Quick Peek inside and around my Tesla

Why Buy a Tesla? Here are my Reasons

1. Tesla came out in 2012 and were mainly sold on a 3 year lease to my understanding. There are now a LOT of pre-owned certified cars that have warranties. In fact, my Tesla actually cost less than our BMW 528i. Granted the BMW was new when we bought it but boy do I think the used Tesla was a much better buy. You can check out the inventory for pre-owned and used Tesla cars here.

2. The Tesla Model S was named best overall car by Consumer Reports in 2014. Read the full report here.

3. It is fully electric, without all the negatives that typically go with electric cars. Most electric cars and even hybrid cars are slow and simply not cool looking. The Tesla is the fastest car I have ever driven BY FAR. And it is super cool looking (in my opinion).

4. Speaking of speed, the Tesla P85 does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. Are there faster cars? Sure, but unless you are a drag racer, this is most certainly fast enough. It is scary smooth and scary fast, being electric it is also super quiet.

5. Let’s talk about safety…As some of you know my wife is pregnant and we have a little baby girl on the way. I got some flack on social media from those not in the know to get such a sporty car with a baby on the way. Well, in 2013 Tesla received the highest safety rating of any car…IN HISTORY. Read more here.

6. What about actual savings? This kind of depends on where you live but let’s take the worst scenario. The worst scenario is you have to charge your car at your own house. The 85 series will go 265 miles on one charge so the logical question is what do you do when you have a trip longer than that? Tesla has superchargers in many areas (but rapidly expanding) that you can charge your car FOR FREE. View the map here of all the Tesla superchargers. But again, lets talk worse case scenario. If you charge at your own house, it costs about $1.34 in electricity to go 30 miles. Again, that is WORSE case scenario. I just saw this story on the Tesla Twitter Feed on how someone traveled 1,200 kilometers throughout Europe and spent $0 on electricity or gas by simply utilizing the Tesla superchargers.

7. Great marketing piece. OK, if you didn’t know by now, I love marketing. Unless you are buying a Lambo, Ferrari or some VERY high priced car, you really don’t get a ton of marketing attention. I would say for marketing alone the Tesla is the best bang for the buck but there certainly are other reasons to buy one too.

8. It is great for the environment and quite frankly, I am shocked this car actually exists. With the big oil companies out there, how the heck did Elon pull this off?

Speaking of Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla (and Paypal), did you know he was bullied in school as a child and was once thrown down stairs and beaten until he blacked out? Now he is worth over $11 billion, yet another cool reason to love Tesla =)

Obviously not everyone can afford even a used Tesla, but if you can, I highly, highly suggest it.

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