business with your spouse

Are you wondering how to successfully go into business with your spouse while maintaining a happy marriage?

Today we’re sharing the four questions you should ask yourself before starting the business journey together.

Before You Go Into Business With Your Spouse, Ask Yourself These Questions

Although many of you may already be working with your spouse, make sure that you ask yourself these questions before you start on this journey so you can set yourself up for success from the beginning.

1. Do I even want to work with my spouse?

Sometimes it’s not the right fit and that’s okay. You don’t have to work with your spouse.

2. Am I ready to compromise and be open minded?

A lot of times we see couples that come into this business and they think, “We’re both going to be the super recruiters,” or, “We’re both going to be the super trainers.” Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. So you have to know where you’re strengths and your weaknesses are and be open minded and be able to compromise. If your spouse wants to take over a part of the business because that really makes them shine, let them do that sometimes.

3. Do I admit when I’m wrong and say the words ‘sorry’?

If you’re always right, there’s someone on the other side of that who’s always wrong no matter how supportive they are. So you really have to be honest with yourself about that and find ways to work together and apologize when need be.

4. Am I ready to be a team?

You’re usually either right or happy. There are a lot of couples that are just constantly fighting to be right. One person, or both people, are fighting to be right and that creates the unhappiness. So it is important to know that it’s not that your spouse is right or wrong, it’s just that they think a little differently.

And this really comes through with a money mindset. My way of thinking isn’t right. It’s my money mindset. Jess’ way of thinking isn’t right. It’s her money mindset.

Additionally, many couples need to realize they’re on the same team. So it doesn’t make sense if you’re trying to score against each other, but you’re on the same team. So keep that in mind.

If the answer to those four questions is ‘yes’, then you’re ready to start the journey with your spouse if you haven’t already. But, just make sure throughout that whole process you’re being really, really honest with yourself.

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