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How to be a Business Owner Not Just a Rep


When I entered the Network Marketing profession, I had a certain mindset that MOST networkers just don’t have. I understood how to be a business owner.

Inside this short video, learn how to be a business owner and why that makes a big difference in the growth of your business.

How are MOST Network Marketers?

I honestly don’t think it is their fault, it’s more a product of the training that most companies put out AND the low barrier to entry.

When you enter a profession where it’s a few hundred bucks to start (where in most small businesses it’s more than a few hundred bucks just to get a “We are open” sign) AND they receive training from their company that tells them to go after everyone and anyone without rhyme or reason, it’s easy to see why network marketers can be a little small thinking when it comes to their industry of choice.

How To be a Business Owner

Let me share how I think about MY network marketing business. I started with the posture that I am building a million dollar a month business. With that form of mindset, do you think I get discouraged when one person tells me no or when something goes wrong with the company website? Of course not because someone building a million a month business doesn’t get phased as easily as a scared little kitten. Watch the below video to learn more of what I mean and how to be a business owner starting right now and start playing a much bigger game!

Video: Stop Being “Just a Rep”

Do you know someone in your team that needs to learn how to be a business owner instead of play small? Feel free to share this with them. It should NOT be insulting, it should be freeing! Comment below if you are taking a stand today and are deciding to think more like a business owner than just a number in a downline!

To Your Abundance!

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