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Trying to build your business with very limited time?

Here’s my best advice for building a massive network marketing business with only a few hours a week.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business While Working A Full Time Job

Best way to make use of time when you’re working full time?

There are just a few things here.

1. Start Part Time

Most people start network marketing part-time. Most people STAY working network marketing part-time.

Very important for you to learn how to build network marketing part-time, because if you don’t, how will you recruit anyone and keep a straight face and tell them that they can.

It’s a form of sabotage.

If you’re working a full-time job and you’re like, “Man, I just can’t build my network marketing business because I work a full time job.”

Then how can you recruit anyone?

If you are full time, how can you say, “You should join and just do this part-time?” 

It creates an incongruence.

And an incongruence is not always consciously recognized, a lot of the times it’s subconscious.

A lot of times it’s a subtle little thing that it will prevent you from actually recruiting, because in the back of your head you’re like, “Well, if you could build this part-time then I would be building it part-time.”

And so you change your energy when you’re talking to that person, and they can feel that. And they don’t know why but they just don’t join.

They’re just like, I don’t think I’m going to join, because there’s something energetic about you that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I’m not just gonna join. It’s very important for you to understand that the majority of people that built a successful network marketing business started part-time. And, they started when they had a full-time job.

That’s very important for you to understand. You need to learn that you can build a business part-time in network marketing while having a full-time job, or having two full-time jobs. That would be my number one take away is for you to learn that, because if you don’t you’re gonna sabotage your recruiting.

2. If You Can’t Build Part-Time, You Can’t Build Full Time

Number two. I’m here to tell you, if you can’t build part-time you also can’t build full-time.

Now, that makes no sense does it?

The reason is it’s not abundance of time that helps us build our network marketing business. It’s efficient use of time.

[mashtweet tweet=”It’s not abundance of time that helps us build our network marketing business, it’s efficient use of time.” quote=”It’s not abundance of time that helps us build our network marketing business, it’s efficient use of time.”]

You have to be efficient with your time. If you have a full time job then over 50% of the amount of time you put into your network marketing business needs to prospecting.

Let me tell you how I launched my business when I was at my last job that I had, which was 2005.  13 years ago, is when I decided to build a business on the side I stopped hanging out with co-workers. I stopped going to lunch with co-workers. I stopped goofing off on my breaks.

Here’s how my day looked:

I would go to the gym in the morning, then I would listen to self development because I went into work pretty early, kinda too early to make phone calls and things like that, and so I listen to self development on the way into work. I get to work, I would do my work, break time, making phone calls.

Not hanging out with co-workers. Not yucking it up in the break room. And then, I would go back to work after my break.

For lunch, I brought in a Lean Cuisine, which are delicious and amazing. NO, they’re terrible, right? And they’re not good for you either. But I brought in a Lean Cuisine, it was a minute 40 seconds in that particular microwave. Bing. Eat then walk out the door and I would walk around the lake making phone calls the entire lunch break.

I stopped hanging out with co-workers. I stopped yucking it up and talking around the water cooler. Stopped all that horse crap that wasn’t contributing to my bottom line. That wasn’t building my business. That wasn’t impacting my family.

Every break. Every lunch break. On the way home, I’m making phone calls.

I was making nonstop making phone calls.

All The Money You Want In Your Life Is In The Pockets Of Other People

You just gotta see if they’re open. You don’t gotta chase them with a rolling pin and curlers in your hair. It’s all in their pockets. All you gotta do, “Hey, you open to take a look at my product, my service, my opportunity?” And if you don’t do that you shouldn’t be making money.

I was communicating with at least 50 to 150 people a day when I was working full-time.

By the way, that was before Facebook. I mean, at least I wasn’t on Facebook. Guys, I’m looking at newspaper ads. Remember those things? Yeah, you used to get them, this little bicycle guy well he would say, hey, right? He’d throw it at your door.

Don’t come and tell me, “I wanna be a top earner. I want to be onstage. I want to be lower from the ceiling with doves and smoke.” Don’t tell me you wanna be a top earner and I ask you how many people did you prospect last week and it’s single digits. Just don’t say it.

Just say, “You know, I just dream on a day where I win the lottery.” Just say that. That’s more congruent.

If Your Not Prospecting You Shouldn’t Be Making Money

If you’re not reaching out to human beings to see if they’re open to your product, your service, your opportunity, then you shouldn’t be making money in network marketing.

Why is that a puzzle? If you’re not reaching out to human beings and saying, “Hey, are you open to my product? Are you open to my service?  Are you open to my side project? Would you be open to multiple streams of income? Are you open to making money on the side?”

If you’re not doing that why should you be making money? Why?

So it’s not an abundance of time. This is kinda like government money. If you put the government in charge of the Sahara desert there would be a sand shortage within five years. It’s not abundance of money that the government needs. They don’t know what the hell to do with it. They’re mismanagers of our money.

It’s not more time that a network marketer needs, its efficiency.

How many human beings are you reaching out to with the time that you have.

Guess what? You hand me somebody that has 30 minutes a day we’ll build an empire. But you know what, I’ll be strict on that 30 minutes.

  • They’ll say, Ray, I need to sharpen my pencils … pick up the damn phone. Send a Facebook message.
  • But Ray, I need to straighten my desk. Pick up the phone.
  • But Ray, my garage is really messy man. I’ve got an aquarium in there that I haven’t even cleaned in a while. Pick up the phone. Send a message. Reach out to somebody. Text somebody.

It’s not abundance of time that any human being needs it is efficiency of time.

You got ten minutes a day, eight of them should be spent messaging somebody, phone calling somebody, “Hey, you open to my deal, no, totally cool.”

How many human beings are you reaching out to? How many? That dictates your income.

Did you find that helpful?

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