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Blueprint: How to Make 1,000
in the Next 30 Days


Was watching a video this morning that inspired this post, this is MY answer as to how to make 1,000 in the next 30 days starting from scratch.

Ideas to Make Money

So this will be a little different post than what I normally write but I was watching a video this morning on how marketers were saying they would make money if they didn’t have their list or a budget so it inspired me to flex my creativity to show you how I would suggest to someone how to make 1,000 in a month even if they didn’t have a list, a big budget or past success.

Throughout my life I have implemented and had a LOT of ideas to make money. From selling airheads in middle school, to selling clearance items on Ebay all the way to flipping real estate or selling advertising door to door, there have been LOTS of ways that I have made money and some were awesome at the time and others were terrible. I truly hope this helps you if your goal is to make 1,000 in a month.


How to Make 1,000 Quickly

First, let’s assume this:

– You have no list
– You don’t have a big budget
– You aren’t receiving any residual income already
– You don’t have a following online or offline

In this example, I am going to attempt to help you start from scratch to make 1,000 in 30 days.

Advice for this journey: I would NEVER suggest to solely look at ideas to make money without considering residual income. Too often I see people hustle to make money each month, like most salespeople, and essentially they are simply trading dollars for hours, here is a post that talks a lot about residual income you might check out.

OK, you ready? My Blueprint How to Make 1,000 in a Month

1. Have you ever been in martial arts? And did board breaking? Well, in board breaking they tell you to aim PAST the board, that is going to be one of my suggestions too. Aim past the $1,000 and simply go for as much as possible.

2. I would decide WHO you want to work with. If you look at the world at who can I get $1,000 from, you will lose yourself but if you hone in and decide EXACTLY who you want to work with, it will make things simpler. Do you want to work with real estate agents, existing network marketers, frustrated job seekers, online marketers? Decide who you would prefer to work with, perhaps tied into your experience, and then you can move onto the next stage.

3. Decide what their greatest pains are. Based on step 2, what are their biggest pains? Is it marketing, getting leads, making sales, mindset, what is it? When you dig into your perfect prospect AND attempt to solve their greatest problem, you are in the money and you WILL know how to make 1,000 quickly.

4. Plan an event. Call around to hotels and restaurants in your area and look for a good location with a great price. Don’t get the top of the line one just yet, IF you do a restaurant with a back room, there is a good chance you can get it for free assuming your guests will eat there. Shop around, this is definitely possible.

5. Market your event for free. In writing this I am realizing that this could be a really long post so I decided midway to put some of the details into an audio for you.

6. When it comes time for the actual event, teach. That’s right, teach. I bet  you thought I was going to say sell right? No, teach. By the time of the event you will have done your homework, interviewed people specific to your niche of people you are going after and you will KNOW how to solve the biggest problem of your targeted people that you marketed to. At the end of your presentation you will make an offer and there are two key, key ingredients to making it work. How do I know this? Because I have done hundreds and hundreds of events. From running a multi-state real estate investor club to selling on different stages. By the way, there is even a workaround if you don’t like public speaking.

7. You would have multiple directions to take your buyers. Guess what one option would be? A coaching package.

Are there Easier Ways to Make 1,000 a Month?

Well, easier is relative. To me, creating and speaking at events is easy but I realize that is NOT the case for everyone. The video that inspired this post is located here. The video, by the way, is $27 and it is four online marketers answering the question, NOT how to make 1,000 but how they would make $5,000 in 30 days with no list or big budget. If you go to this page, and just enter in your name and email, you will get to watch a 32 minute video talking about the keys to making money and you will have the opportunity to consider picking up the full video with the four marketers talking about how they would make money.

Want My Audio?

If you think it would be helpful to download my audio, you can pick it up here for only $7. Looking forward to your feedback and to you going out there and making it happen!

If you found this post helpful in at least tickling your brain on possible ways how to make 1,000 in a month, please leave me a comment below!

To Your Abundance!

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