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Blogging Tips and Tricks to Get More Leads

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Today we chat about marketing and I share some blogging tips and tricks to get you more leads.

Check out the simply suggestions below if you ever consider using my main form of marketing.

Do You Need a Blog to Crush Network Marketing?

Definitely not. There are way more big money earners in network marketing without a blog than with one, however, I would be willing to guess that most of them wished they did have a blog or had created a following that wasn’t solely concentrated inside their network marketing company.

Is Blogging Duplicatible?

This is a common thread when I talk about blogging in network marketing circles, people will tell me that blogging isn’t duplicatible and the truth is, I agree with them, however, I also believe that being a doctor isn’t duplicatible either. There are MANY doctors, lawyers and other prestige, high barrier to entry professions that do very well in network marketing. IF your doctor friend does well in network marketing, and the main source of his prospects are from the credibility he created by being a doctor, does that mean YOU have to become a doctor? The answer, of course, is no.

Instead of focusing on the method of lead acquisition, focus on what should be duplicatible which is what you do AFTER you have a lead. There are MANY ways to generate leads of locate people to talk to, that isn’t the area to be scrutinized for ability to be duplicated, it is AFTER you get the lead that is so important. (by the way, if you want a whole bunch of ways to locate people to talk to, feel free to enter your name and email at the top right of this page to get my Free audio called 29 sources of leads).

My Blogging Tips and Tricks

1. Understand that the point of blogging is to generate leads. Once you get someone to find your blog you want to encourage them to become a lead. You do this by offering them something that appeals to them. For example, because I blog for network marketers and network marketers are constantly struggling with where to find people to talk to, I created the free audio to share with them places to locate people to talk to about their opportunity.

You want to think of something that you can either type up or share in a video or audio that you can give away to others. This might be the cliff notes to some training you have received in the past. But let me just say, there is not point in blogging if you do not have a way to convert the traffic that comes to that page into a lead. This is critical.

2. Make sure you are constantly doing call to actions within your content. If you notice in this blog post I talk about entering your name and email in the upper right hand box. You can also post on your blog how to get ahold of you IF you want more people reaching out to you. You can even have a work with me tab that shares about your opportunity. Keep in mind though that most people do this wrong and they raise more resistance than curiosity. I would suggest to not just have your company name all over your page as that gives away the mystery of what you are in and instead talk about your team, mission, etc to get people curious. I actually do NOT talk about the network marketing company I am a part of out of respect for my students and clients in all the other network marketing companies but unless you plan on starting your own coaching and training business, I would suggest talking about what you are doing at least every once in awhile but just not hammer the company name. The reason for this is all people will do is just Google it and find the negative reviews and draw their own conclusions.

3. People ask me all the time “what is the best way to get more traffic to your blog?” and my answer is, to be consistent. Creating content on a daily basis and emailing that content to your ever-growing list is the number one suggestion I have for you to start getting more traffic. Of course you want to share it on all your social media channels and in all your content make sure you are doing calls to action to hop on your list and then you encourage that list to share it. This does not happen fast. It took me a long time to start getting consistent traffic and leads, but I had decided I was going to do it until it grew, and it did. We now get around 100,000 unique visitors per month and we generate between 2,500 and 4,000 leads every single month. You can too but just not overnight.

Do you like me talking more about marketing? Be sure to comment below if you got value from my simple blogging tips and tricks and if you have a question around blogging, feel free to drop that in the comments too.

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