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My Biggest Key to MLM Recruiting: Posture

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What if I told you there was a way to get way better results in your MLM recruiting by simply doing one thing?

Learn the art of posture inside the below video and you WILL improve your network marketing recruiting.

People Without Posture Wonder These Things….

What do I say if they refuse to watch the video?

What if they keep asking me “what is it”?

What do I say to them if they say it’s a pyramid scheme?

What if my prospect is being really negative?

You see, someone with posture never has to wonder the answer to these questions. In the video I share exactly what posture is and some exact examples of how I have used posture but first, let’s dive into the mind of someone that lacks posture.

The Biggest Mistake for Non-Postured Network Marketers

The biggest mistake for non-postured network marketers is they are addicted to the outcome. They are addicted to at least attempting to close every person they ever talk to about their opportunity. The best of the best only recruit 3 out of 10 people but I can assure you, IF you are someone that closes 3 out of 10, you don’t beat yourself up over the 7 that said no.

People WITH posture know they are QUALIFYING their prospects not begging them to join. Think about it as a company. Would the CEO ever tell the human resources director that they wanted them to hire every single person that ever applied? Of course not, that’s crazy right?

You have to understand that YOU will be working alongside your prospects and seeing them at company events and spending time with them, shouldn’t you also qualify them?

I can assure you that every top earner I know has at least one person they WISH they DIDN’T recruit! You have to qualify people to make sure they are someone you WANT to work with OR you will create a life that you don’t truly love and most people already have that and flock to network marketing to create their dream lifestyle.

Still struggling with posture and how to instill it in your? This below video should help…

MLM Recruiting and Posture

Was that helpful? Do you recall instances in the past where you might have lost your posture in your MLM recruiting? Do you know if you are postured you WILL become more attractive to others in your MLM recruiting? People like people who are sure about what they are doing, they don’t like wishy-washy or people who lack confidence. Follow the advice in this post and video and you WILL become much more powerful in your recruiting efforts!

To Your Abundance!

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