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Bigger than “What to do”
For Your MLM Business Opportunity


This blog might be the most important one you read by me if you have been trying to build your MLM business opportunity but have not had success. It will get you to make  little switch that just might take you to the level of success you know you deserve.

What Everyone Looks for Their MLM Business Opportunity

Every networker comes into their MLM business opportunity fired up. They may not know exactly why but they FEEL that something new can happen and they are excited for that newness. That possibility. Then, within about 48 hours they settle into reality and focus on, OK, what do I need to do to build this business…

And that is where they can sometimes lose it.

“Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

The uplifting energy, or the “fired-upness” that you felt when you first joined your MLM business opportunity was actually a peer into who you could BE. It was a peer into who you could possibly grow into, a brand new you. The possibility that you could BE something different than what you have BEEN.

Who do you want to BE via your MLM Business Opportunity?


Your MLM Business Opportunity can help you become ANYTHING you want to be:

– A better parent, able to spend more time with your kids
– A better spouse, free from confidence issues
– A better neighbor, able to focus more on relationships than problems or your stress
– A better impacter of people, a helper of those who need help

You truly can become anything you could ever dream of by the life and time giving ability of network marketing. So, the question is, what do you want to BE via your opportunity?

If you focus on who you want to BE, the “doing” will reveal itself

Too often we focus on the small stuff. The small stuff is “enrolling” someone. The big stuff is “being someone” and recognizing others ability to also “be someone”.

How Larry Thompson and Brendon Burchard impacted my views on building my MLM Business

The other day I had an hour long conversation with Larry Thompson. If you don’t know who Larry is, he, along with Mark Hughes, built Herbalife into a billion dollar company. One thing he said that was so powerful was recruiting people into your MLM business opportunity should be the RESULT not the CAUSE. Too often we focus on being on the leaderboard, ranking up the numbers and hitting the next pay rank but what if we focused on WHO WE COULD BECOME?

Had the great opportunity to spend a few minutes with Brendon Burchard in Vegas and he said, “Stop asking people to do things and start getting them to BE something”. Let’s break that down a bit more:

What do you DO if you want to lose weight? Simple, eat less and workout more. However, WILL we do those things unless we actually want to BE something. If you want to BE skinny, you change your eating habits, you hang out with different people, you subscribe to new magazines, you IMMERSE yourself in BEING.

Same thing with network marketing. If you want to BE a leader it drives your actions. You don’t stumble at every little thing that has you question whether you should be DOING that or not.

Here’s a quote inspired by something Brendon said that I posted on my Facebook page

“A powerplant doesn’t “have” energy, it creates it. Some people look at their existing supply of money and say they don’t “have it”…versus recognizing their power to create it =)”

Let today be a brand new day that does NOT have to be a repeat of who you have BEEN, BE that someone you truly want to be and be free.

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