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How to be a Better Networker

better networker

This is a VERY helpful video for you today, all about being a better networker.

Watch this short and fun video to learn how to better connect with leaders and strangers.

A Few Things ALL Future and Current Leaders do

There are a few things that ALL future and current leaders do:

1. They have a daily routine.

2. They focus on thinking and talking about possibility not their circumstances.

3. They attend events.

Today we focus on number three and you will learn how to be a better networker.

There are MANY common mistakes made when networking with either strangers or leaders you look up to. Today’s lessons are NOT judgmental, they are only aimed at helping you get more out of events by learning the art of being a better networker.

Video on Being a Better Networker

Now, some will watch that video and know right away that they have done it the wrong way in the past, it’s OK, almost everyone that is struggling makes the same exact mistake. Don’t beat yourself up! Just in the future, use your time more smartly and get more out of your time with strangers or leaders by following the suggestions in the above video.

Feel free to share this with your team or anyone else you feel might benefit!

To Your Abundance!

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