[BETA LAUNCH] Our Business Coaching Program

business coaching program

This is the official announcement of the Beta launch of our business coaching program.

IF you have been looking for hands on help, this may be your lucky day!

Coaching Mentoring and More

Last year I realized that there were A LOT of people in my audience that needed help that I could not provide and that is hands-on accountability and technical walk-through support.

I started looking for solutions which has led us to this beta launch of our business coaching program. This business coaching program is perfect for someone that wants one or more of the following:

– Help with setting up ANYTHING technical (Fan pages, Facebook, youtube channels, Blogs, powerpoint, Microsoft word, Pinterest marketing, again, ANYTHING)

– Accountability

– Role-playing and prospecting practice

– Help with your mindset, creating a vision, moving past tough times

-Help you build a lead capture system on your blog and automate email messages that educate them in a non-pressure environment about your product or service

This is a full service business coaching program that I believe will be able to serve A LOT of my audience but before you get too excited, I want you to know that this IS a beta launch. We are gonna allow somewhere between 12-15 people come on board to test this out to ensure it is as awesome as we think it will be.

Will I be Running this Leadership Coaching Program?

I will NOT be the point of contact for this business coaching program but I have met and certified the handful of people that will be running it. I have personally met them and thoroughly trained them on exactly what my people need to create success. They were already WAY more technical than I have ever been which is good as a lot of my audience wants technical help and I simply cannot help that area. They will also be providing accountability which is another thing that due to my schedule am not able to do with a group of people. However, I WILL be keeping close tabs on this beta group and don’t be surprised if you get a random call from me to check in with you.

As I explain in the below video, it has taken me a full 11 months to put this business coaching program so this is NOT a quick decision. In the below video you will learn our application process and YES there will be a fee for this coaching program so if you do not wish to invest in yourself and your business just continue to enjoy my free content that we post on this blog and on our home business podcast.

**This program is for English speaking individuals and is NOT limited to those in the United States.

How to Apply for the Business Coaching Program

Who’s Excited?

Comment below if you plan on applying for the business coaching, this might be the exact step you have been looking for if you are serious about taking your business, marketing and mindset to the next level. Comment below and I look forward to seeing this first beta group create serious success!

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested in getting more hands on help as well.

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