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What’s the best way to close a network marketing prospect?

If you want to increase your signups by 30%, here I share the best way to close your prospects.

The Best Way To Close Your Network Marketing Prospect

Through message or through call?

I’m not saying that you can’t close people without getting on a call with them. I’m not saying that. But, I will tell you, I fully believe that you will lose out on somewhere between 20% to 30% of the people you could have closed had you gotten on the phone with them.

The person that struggles in network marketing, they see that the prospect is the prize. What can I do to get that prize? What can I do to get that prize to move forward?

The professional, they know they’re the prize. They think about things a little differently.

The number one reason that I was always wanting to get on the phone with a prospect is, it is the most effective, in my opinion.

The number two reason is, I wanted to qualify them. I wanted to see if they were someone I wanted on my team.

Do They Qualify?

Make sure to qualify your prospect.

Some people right now might be thinking “Well, that’s real nice of you, man. Well, I need to make money. It’s real nice that you can just select who you work with. Yeah, real nice, Ray. I need to make money.” I didn’t develop that attitude. I didn’t get to some level and them I’m like, “Okay, now I get to qualify people.”

It’s that attitude that got me to that level. When I needed money like air to breathe, I still wanted to qualify people.


Because it’s my time and you only have so much time. If I talked to someone and they had false expectations, unrealistic expectations, were extremely demanding, negative, nasty, cynical, skeptical, I don’t want them in my team. I don’t want them polluting the barrel. I don’t want them spoiling my barrel of amazing people. Even when I didn’t have any people, I didn’t want them spoiling me. I didn’t want me to see their call and be like, “Oh, here we go. Oh, man. Oh, man. They’re calling me again. Kill me now.”

I didn’t want to have people like that. There are people that I talk to and they said, “You know, if I join your team, I’m going to need you to do this, I’m going to need you to do that. I’m going to need you to do this.” I said, “I don’t think you’re a fit. I don’t think we’re a fit for each other, but I wish you the very best.” Even when I needed that commission check. You valuing your time, you seeing yourself as worthy of working with amazing individuals that are fun to be around, that are realistic, that are positive.

Know You Are Worthy

You are worthy if you choose, only if you choose.

Now, if you talk to someone and they’re like, “Well, I don’t know if I’m ever doing one of these darn things. It seems like a scam,” and you’re still like, “Oh, come on. You can do it. Come on, man. Come on.”

And you beg that negative, toxic energy vampire to join your team and you get them, which is unlikely, by the way. Usually, non-posture doesn’t bring somebody in. Let’s just say for some reason you’re begging, pleading, pretty pleasing with sugar berries on top, gets them in. Well, guess what? Do you think they’re like negative, nasty, cynical, skeptical, and they get in and they’re like, “Wow, this is amazing. Wow, I should have joined earlier. Wow, man. Let’s do this.”


Still the same person. They get in and start drama with all these different people. Now, you’ve got people dropping like flies. You got people being like, “You know, Hildred over here told me that there’s something bad about the comp plan.” Oh, great. Thanks, Hildred. So glad I dragged you across the finish line. So glad I begged you to come in.

Let me tell you, any network marketer that I’ve worked with who’s been in this business for any length of time, there’s always people they wish didn’t join them. When you’re willing to be worthy of qualifying people, then you immediately up your game.

There’s a quote out there Maureen Dowd, she says, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you’re worth less than what you settled for.”

Powerful stuff.

I say that because if you’re worth is, I know this person is a toxic energy vampire and they’re going to suck the life out of me, but boy, I really need that 100 bucks, you’re worth less than that 100 bucks.

You’ve got see that you are worthy of greatness. You’re worthy of working with fun people that are great to be around. You’re worthy of that. If you just to that kind of mindset, you’ll change your world.

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