network marketing companyWhat is the best way to get started in a new network marketing company?

Here are my suggestions for getting serious results in any MLM.

Getting Started In A Network Marketing Company

If you want to crush it in your new venture, I recommend 2 very important steps that will get you massive results.

Step One:

If I was going into a new network marketing company, I’m going to ask myself, “What type of person do I want to attract to me and get them into this business?”

Let’s say that you’re going into a health and wellness network marketing company.

Ask yourself, “Am I wanting to attract and really build a community around business builders or people wanting to get healthy or baby boomers or what is it? What is the category, the demographic, and the psychographic of people that I’m trying to attract to me?”

Then determine what type of CONTENT will you will be putting into the marketplace.

Let’s say that I’m going to work with people that want to get ripped. So, maybe I want to work with dudes that are focused on getting ripped.

I’m going to start creating content that talks about the right foods to eat that increases your growth hormone, the right amino acids to eat before a workout. I’m going to talk about those things in an educational kind of fashion. I would start creating content around that particular type of person and what they would be interested in.

Also, maybe I go and find an ex Mr. Olympia and interview him. Or I would interview people with six-pack abs and get their ab routines.

I would go and start pumping content out and I would look for one thing. And that’s to out-teach my competition.

That’s what I would look for. I would look at who else is out there and how do I dominate them and just TEACH MORE than them.

Now, notice I didn’t say make more money than them. Notice I didn’t say get more sales. I said, how do I out TEACH them. That would be a major focus of mine if I was going into a new venture.

Step Two:

Two, I would start to execute that plan.

Second thing is I would start to say to myself, “Okay, who can I go after? Who can I start talking to, to see if they’re open to taking a look at what I have?”

Now, notice I said, “I’m looking to see who’s OPEN.”

NOT, “Who can I close? Who can I get?”

I’m going to start approaching my warm market and cold market. I’m going to start looking at different events.  Where do they hang out? Where could I go to possibly meet some of these people and I’m going to start the prospecting cycle. Now, the prospecting cycle always goes along with the new marketing cycle.


Marketing takes time.

When I first started marketing to educate and help network marketers, I was also prospecting at the same time.  I started creating blog post, started creating training and education. But I knew that that wasn’t going to generate any fast leads or fast signups, and so I was also getting 20 no’s a day.

1.5 years in, I no longer had to prospect because I was just generating so many leads. But, that wasn’t in the beginning.

We don’t teach people, “Hey, just do marketing and screw prospecting.” Yeah, prospecting for most people sucks, and it did for me. But I had to do what I had to do. I didn’t have leads coming in, so I had to go out there and beat the bushes.

When I started having leads coming in, it was just kind of a sliding scale. Eventually I didn’t have to prospect at all because I had plenty of leads to talk to. Now, notice that only happened because that was my plan number one.

That would be my approach. Then I would make sure that I’m budgeting and getting to EVERY company event. [clickToTweet tweet=”Attending company events are mandatory if you’re serious.” quote=”Attending company events are mandatory if you’re serious.”]

What NOT To Do:

What would I not do? In the video below is what I DON’T recommend doing that most newbies get sucked into.

That helpful?  Drop a comment below and let me know what you think. Love to hear your feedback. Feel free to share with your teammates.

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