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The Best Travel Camera, Period.


We went on a hunt, to find the very best travel camera and we believe we have found it!

Watch this short video to learn what I used to travel with and what I travel with now!

The Life of a Lifestyle Marketer

My wife and I love to travel and we catalog our travels with fun videos to inspire and share our experiences with other home business entrepreneurs. Nothing gets me more jazzed than sharing our cool experiences with my audience and to do so, you have to have the right equipment.

In the below video I share what I used to lug around to accomplish this and what I am now using. After testing A LOT of different cameras and equipment I have found what I believe is the very best travel camera on the market. No, it isn’t a gopro and it isn’t a smart phone but it is just about the same size and shoots amazing video with all the little things you should want in a camera.

Here you go, the BEST Travel Camera!

NOTE: I am a video marketer. I did NOT buy this for taking pictures as I don’t suspect that is really what it is designed for. If you want to take pics, I imagine your smart phone will take better ones, this is a video marketers delight though!

Like me sharing what I am using? Share and comment! Super excited to shoot more videos for you guys! Let me know if you got value from this video.

To Your Abundance!

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