Do you have a DMO, Daily Method of Operation?

Here is what you MUST include each day in your DMO if you want to see results in your business.

Best Practices To Include in Your Daily Method of Operation

1. Prospect

Ask humans if they are open to taking a look at what you got.

Whether it’s a product, whether it’s a service, whether it’s making money, whether it’s your opportunity. Ask humans.

Other humans have your money. Other humans will get the benefits from your product, your service, your opportunity. Other humans have everything that you want in their pockets, you have to make them an offer, you have to ask them if they’re open to taking a look.

A NO Goal

Having a no goal is an option.

Set a goal of how many prospects will tell you “NO” in a day.

And some people be like, “Don’t go for no dude, go for yes.”

Okay fine, go for yes. And at your first no when you’re crying, and you’re burning incense and eating pistachio ice cream, I didn’t get a yes, yeah you should have gone for no.

If you become interjectionally more powerful about when you get rejection, you’ll get more yeses.

I set a goal to go for 20 nos a day.

So, I got yeses along the way. That’s the deal, right?

All you’re doing is reducing your energy around a no. Around rejection.

I could make you a list of ten other suggestions, but if you don’t do this one, you lose.

Whatever actions you do (meditation, affirmations, proclamations, incantations,  fluctuations, ect.), none of that matters if you don’t do this. If you don’t ask human beings if they’re open to taking a look at what you got, then none of that stuff matters.

2. Self Development

So number two, self development.

I think that’s a good idea.

Here are some suggestions to develop a real self development plan:

1. Read at least one chapter per day of pure motivational nature. You may say  “I don’t need motivation, I’m already fired up.” And, that is USUALLY said by someone who knows more than their results show.

2. Write affirmations on a daily basis.

3. Attend events. There is just something way more magical that has happened to me everytime I have attended a big event. Attend every company event and every major event you can. I struggle with watching videos non-stop but LOVE events and actually seeing real people and shaking their hands.

3. Marketing

Marketing would be Facebook Live, could be postcards, could be a billboard, could be flyers in the coffee shop, could be a status update, could be Instagram Live.

It’s something that you’re doing to get someone to reach out to you, that’s what it is.

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