Today we will reveal the best places to prospect for network marketing. 

First, before we dive into how to find them, I want to share with you how you should be thinking about prospects, because that may totally change your results. Next, I’m going to share with you the best sources for me that helped me become the number one income earner of a network marketing company. Lastly, I’m going to share with you the two pillars of unlimited prospects that’s working right now.

How should you be thinking about prospects? 

On this blog and our YouTube channel, I talk a lot about the four P’s. The four P’s of building a network marketing business are pipeline, posture, position, and perspective. The two pieces I want to dive into for this first topic on “how to think about prospects” are posture and position.

First, posture is belief in what you have, regardless of external acceptance or approval. It means for you to be okay totally, and not sucked down into negative energy. When someone rejects what it is that you’re doing. You see, if you allow yourself to have that reaction to rejection in a negative manner, then you’re really going to struggle with network marketing. You have to understand by looking at the success stories in your company that it’s possible for you to completely change your life and anybody to change their life, if they also believe it’s possible. When people are naysaying or hating you, trolling you, or telling you that you’re an idiot, or saying it’s a pyramid or whatever…then you need to be able to stand strong and move forward. If you don’t have posture, it’s going to be a tough road for you and you’re not going to reach the level of success that you could.

Second, position. Position (very important) is understanding where the prospect is. Where are they? You need to understand that the very first thing to find out about a prospect is are they open to learning more? You see, when you start connecting with a prospect, they’re not ready to buy. They don’t know what it is, you don’t know, if they’re open to the benefits of the product, unless you ask them, you have to figure out, are they open.

The example that I use often is a guy walks up to a girl at a hotel bar and says, “I got a room upstairs.” Well, I’m not saying that will never work. But that is not in the appropriate position. But if the same guy goes to the girl and says, “Hey, are you here with anyone? Can I buy you a drink?” That makes a lot more sense. When you’re connecting with a prospect, don’t ask them to join your team or buy your product right away. You need to find out are they open, are they looking for the benefits? Are they looking to make extra money? Are they looking to lose weight or feel great or have more energy or whatever you need to ask them? Are they open to learning more before you hit them with that sales pitch? I want to cover these two things first because if those two things are not covered first, then you’re going to go get prospects and then you’re going to blow it with them. I wanted to improve your percentages there.

What are the best sources that helped me become the number one income earner of a network marketing company?

Well, I can tell you, I have recruited a lot of people online, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TripAdvisor, MySpace, and so many different areas. A lot of that was from actual reach outs, from actually prospecting. In the next section, I’m going to share with you the two different places for unlimited prospects, but It really is, where are you spending the majority of your time? Where are you going to be diligent in your follow up?

In the last step, I talked about posture and position. The other piece of this is the pipeline. Pipeline is how many people you’re reaching out to, how many people you are following up with? How many videos are you doing? How many appointments are you setting? Depending on your company, how many samples are you sending out? Pipeline is just the number of people that you’re working on at any given time. You need to be increasing that and you do that by honing in (usually) on one area. For me, early on Facebook was my big thing. Nowadays, a lot of people, their number one thing is Instagram.

We have one student who sends cold messaging using our scripts, and she’s the number one recruiter in her company. Now the funny thing about that is… well two things that are funny. Number one, her company before her was totally against cold messaging and preached against it until they realized she was the number one recruiter. Then they were like, “oh, maybe we’re okay with this.” Then number two, she’s in a pet food network marketing company and doesn’t have pets. Yet she’s the number one recruiter. She does it in a combination of two ways. Number one, sending messages on Facebook. Then she will also go to Google and she will search for different professions in her area and reach out to them. She’s 100% cold messaging. That’s what she does. Number one recruiter in her company. So that’s what’s possible.

Now, I did cold messaging, until I started generating enough leads for people reaching out to me that I didn’t really have to do that anymore. To me, that’s my preference is, if you’re not generating leads, then you should be reaching out to people. Once you start generating a lot of leads, and you stay consistent with that, then you can kind of rely on the leads that you’re generating.

Let’s hear from you.

Before I get into the last step, I’d love to hear from you. What method are you wanting to learn? Are you wanting to learn cold messaging and our scripts? or are you more wanting to learn how to generate leads? I would love to hear from you. We will point you to a video that will help you.

What are the two pillars of unlimited prospects?

I covered one of them above, cold messaging. There will always be more people that you don’t know, then you do know. Now this doesn’t mean that you’re just spamming links. Let me define spamming. Spamming is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence. You’re just assuming that people are ready to join or ready to purchase. That’s an assumption that’s actually hurting your sales. It’s actually hurting the industry. It’s hurting your company, it’s hurting everything, right? Don’t assume, ask if they’re open, are you open to learning more? If they are great, move forward, if they’re not then say, “Cool, no problem, have a great day.” Right?

Number one, cold messaging, that is an unlimited number of prospects, whether you want to do it or not.

What’s funny is I’ll have people come to me and say, “man, I’m not getting any results.”

And I say, “are you generating leads?”

They said, “No.”

I say, “Well, you could do cold messaging.”

They’re like, “I don’t want to do that.”

I’m like, “Okay, well then stick to what you’re doing.”

Then they’re like, “but it’s not working.”

I’m like, “yeah, I’m trying to give you an option here…” 

Cold messaging is something that I don’t think anyone really wants to do. But it’s a possibility. Again, like our friend, Christina Danielle, she’s the number one recruiter in her company, that’s all she does. 100% cold messaging.

The second method for unlimited prospects is marketing. Now, I’m going to be more specific here and share the best marketing right now, because we are in the short video phenomenon. The best marketing to do right now is short videos such as TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels. These little short videos are just money makers and these are your most likely chances to get in front of people that don’t know you. Who we have to thank for this is actually TikTok. When TikTok came out, people started flocking over to it.  One of the reasons was that non-influencers had a shot at getting “known” or becoming TikTok famous, because their algorithm was different from what Facebook or Instagram had. Their algorithm was you create something, and instead of just showing it to a handful of people that already know, like, and trust you, they took your content and said, who might like this, whether they know you are not.

We have one student, she has a video that has over 15 million views. She didn’t pay a dime for any of those views. Just for context, that’s more people than watched the last Olympics. I know that they probably had a larger budget than zero for advertising, right. These short videos are absolutely incredible for you reaching more people, new people that don’t even know you. I would highly suggest that you get in the habit of doing them. If you don’t have any leads right now, then do reels…one to three reels a day. Don’t forget to also do some messaging until you start generating some momentum with the shorter videos. The short video phenomenon that we are in is literally the greatest marketing opportunity I have ever seen. I have been a full time marketer since 2005. For 17 years, I have been a full time marketer and I have never seen anything like the short video phenomenon that we are in right now. You have to embrace it and run with it.

Let me show you how to do short videos for the best results. 

I want to show you exactly how to do short videos and I have a free resource that will walk you through it. Here is the link, It’s our three step launch to crush it with reels, crush it with TikTok to generate more leads and sales. I know it’s going to help you. It’s helped thousands and thousands of network marketers just like you. Click the link above and it’s going to help you crush it.

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