Wondering what the best network marketing company to join is?

Watch this short (and perhaps funny) video on my thoughts on what the best network marketing company is for YOU.

The Absolute Worst Reason

In my opinion, based on my experiences of being involved in different companies and watching a lot of people in this profession, the very WORST criteria to join a company, again, in my opinion, is the compensation plan.

YES, you want a great compensation plan but the comp plan should actually take a backseat to these five things:

– Community
– Culture
– Support
– Training
– Product

Yes, I do place product above compensation as only a con artist can make money off a product they don’t believe in. There are many companies that come out with unbelievable compensation plans that pay a lot out up front and many, many, many times those companies have financial struggles down the road and end up folding. By the way, from talking with long term industry professionals the number one reason a company folds is lack of capital.

This does not mean having a crappy compensation plan is OK or desired, it just means to not allow compensation plan to be your main reason to join a company or not.

So, what IS the Best Network Marketing Company to Join?

You’ll see my official answer in the short video below, it adheres to my full belief in YOU being the brand inside of network marketing. A lot of network marketing companies want to create obedient soldiers and I will always argue that you can build a huge team AND have your own brand as well. Watch the video below and be sure to share your comments at the bottom of the page if you agree with me (or not!)

Video: Best Network Marketing Company

Hope you enjoyed the video, my cousin Sly loves jumping in my videos when he can, he doesn’t always have the best advice though =)

Comment and share if you got value and looking forward to seeing some of you at Top Earner Academy next week!

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