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Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Today we’re going to dive into the basics of network marketing and I’m going to give some tips for beginners.

In the last three years, we’ve helped network marketers just like you bringing over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps, and achieve 14,000 rank advances.

I’m going to give you my three biggest tips for a beginner so stick around. First I’m going to share with you the biggest obstacle that knocks people out. If you can’t get past this then nothing else matters.

Second I’m going to be sharing what you should be doing each and every day if you’re serious about growing that business and lastly, I’m going to give you some very powerful mindset tips and these are the absolute keys.

If you can follow these tips right here, your life is going to absolutely change so make sure you stick around.

Now first of all, if you are brand new to network marketing, I would make sure that you get back with the person that recruited you and find out is there a fast start from the company. Is there a- sometimes it’s called a fast start, sometimes it’s called a welcome kit or a welcome video.

Make sure that you’re seeing your company-specific stuff too.

Now if you’ve been recruited and now your sponsor has gone missing in action, then you know hey, I’m here to help you, right?

But I always encourage people don’t just learn from outside trainers, make sure that you’re catching the company stuff too but these three tips will really help you. Alright, so what is this biggest factor that knocks people out?

Here it is. It’s you seeking acceptance, approval, and agreement for the decision you made to join network marketing.

So, often someone joins a network marketing company and they’re excited, right they’re like yay, you know I got this theme now and so they go to their friends and their family members and like hey, I joined network marketing because they don’t know the reaction they’re going to get most likely.

Most likely you’re not going to get acceptance, approval, or agreement, you’re going to get oh, those things are a scam.

Oh, a pyramid or oh, you know nobody makes money at those things and know that that’s not on you, that’s not your fault, it’s not that you you know you screwed up, that’s just an extremely extremely unfortunately normal response to people joining network marketing and I’ll tell you a quick story.

There was a young girl in my team and she joined, you know she was finishing up college very, very smart and she joined my network marketing team.

She was excited, she went to her family. Every member of her family was like oh man, what are you doing? You’re getting a college degree like why would you do this thing?

Like those things don’t work, those things are schemes you know you should totally get your money back and she decided you know what?

I’m gonna do it anyway and so she you know started following my training, started working, and started making it happen.

At the age of 21, she gets to $10,000 a month by recruiting strangers on Facebook following my training.

Well after that happened and the family saw that happen, her two brothers joined and her mother joined and her father, he didn’t join but he made her a little spreadsheet and said sweet pea, if you get two and they get two, you’re like you could, right?

And so all of a sudden they all accepted approved of her amazing decision to join network marketing. Well, why do I know that story so well, that’s actually my wife. And so when we were dating, she joined my network marketing team and that is her story. She then went on to become the number one female earner in that company.

Had she sought acceptance, approval, and agreement, she never would have made that happen.

She never, she would have just, right, she was failed immediately and so know that when you have big dreams, those dreams are yours and that’s for you to run the ball with, that’s for you to run with.

If you require acceptance approval and agreement from those around you, you’re not going to get started, you’re not going to going to have the type of business that you truly could create if you decided on your own that you were going to make it happen. So what should you be doing each and every day?

It’s actually really simple and I’ll share with you my routine.

My routine that helped me become the number one income earner of a company, made millions of dollars with that company, and really was the foundation for building our coaching and training business was pretty simple.

Three things. So I had read a book called Go for No and I’ve since become friends with the authors, Richard and Andrea. They’re wonderful people and first of all, it sounds like a terrible book, right? Go for No like who wants that? Who wants rejection? No thanks.

Well, it actually helps you build two muscles. It helps you build your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection.

So when you go for no or maybe you even create a no goal then that means that you’re actually collecting no’s and you’re doing that by asking more people that you’re not sure if they’ll say yes or not.

It helps you break your addiction to getting yes and just not really care that much about getting rejected. It’s really not that big of a deal and so when I read that book, I’m like man, you know what? 

This makes sense and oh by the way, when I started this daily routine, I’m dead broke, I’m in personal foreclosure, I had lost everything in the real estate crash.

So when the real estate crash and happened in 2008, 2009 in Florida, I got wiped out. I got completely blown out of that industry.

I got completely wiped out, I mean so much so I mean I sold my furniture, I sold my high school class ring like I was wiped out and so when I started this routine, I was not in some amazing influencer position, I was knocked out of the game and so I read this book Go for No, I’m like you know what?

This makes sense to me and I decide I’m going to go for 20 no’s a day. Now, 20 no’s a day is a lot. It’s a lot and to date, I’ve been teaching this for over a decade, and to my knowledge, I only know two or three people that have ever actually gone for 20 no’s a day for an extended period of time all became million-dollar earners and this is not for the light-hearted.

So 20 no’s a day may be completely unreasonable to you especially if you already have a job and you got kids and you’re super busy already, maybe going for two no’s a day, five no’s a day but going for no, you’re increasing your chances every single time that you’re going to get a yes.

By implementing this 20 no a day strategy, I became the number one income earner in that company in about seven, eight months and so step one, O went for 20 knows a day step two, I hated prospecting like here I am I’m telling you I went for 20 no’s a day and big time, right, but I hated it.

I really hated it, I would look at the sheet and I’m like oh god, I don’t want to make it. Hey, how you doing and so I didn’t want to make the calls, I didn’t want to reach out to people, I didn’t want to message people, I hated prospecting, I wanted to create a way where people would reach out to me and so on July 15th of 2009, I started making a video a day and that trend, I kept up that trend until July of 2021, over 11 years I did a video a day without missing one day.

Now, I’m crazy and so that doesn’t mean you have to be that way, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t do a video a day and don’t even bother, I’m not saying that. It’s kind of like going to the gym. If you have serious fitness goals, should you go to the gym every day? Maybe you could argue that but is it better to go three days a week than none?

Of course and so a video day may be completely unreasonable to you so maybe it’s a couple videos a week or something like that but, I was hell-bent on getting more people reaching out to me and so the first four months, hardly anybody reached out to me.

I don’t know if anybody reached out to me, to be honest, but at the end of month four, I had a gentleman reach out to me from a YouTube video and he joined my team.

He actually became my number one earner. I didn’t know him, we talked on the phone he saw my YouTube video and he became my top earner in my team.

I knew that if I kept doing it, if I kept doing it, eventually someone’s gonna see these videos, someone’s gonna start reaching out to me and it worked out the third thing that I did was self-development every day. When I started, I was in a bad place.

I mean my head was messed up, I had been depressed, I had you know I’d gone through a stent of drinking heavily which I’m not proud of but I was just so disappointed in myself. You know I had gone from making good money in real estate to being completely wiped out and it sucked.

You know I went through divorce, I was sleeping on my buddy’s couch, it was not a good time for me and so I needed self-development very badly and I needed it every day.

And so in the beginning when I was broke, I’m doing I’m watching YouTube videos like this, I’m you know rereading Think and Grow Rich, I’m getting library books, whatever I could do for free because I was just so broke. As I started making more money, I started investing myself.

I started investing in coaches, I started buying courses, I started attending events and masterminds and it you know completely changed my life but those are the three things.

I went for 20 no’s a day which you could do you know two or four no’s a day, I did a video a day, you could do two or three videos a day, or two or three videos a week I should say and I did self-development every day.

Now that one I would recommend you do every single day. So before I get to my last point, an extremely important point, I want to hear from you. I read every single comment and I respond to every single comment.

And so where is it that you’re struggling? If you’re new is there an area that I need to cover that would really help you, drop me a comment, let me know where you’re at, and again, I read every comment so I’d love to hear from you. So now I want to give you some help around your mindset.

So step one is if you want to change anything in your life, you first have to change the way you describe it and this comes from your language. Now, your language is creating some of your emotions and those emotions are creating your experiences. So when you say something like I’m really excited for my business but man, it’s really slow right now. Where’s the emotional part?

The emotional part is it’s really slow right now so that has to become your experience. What you speak, you get to keep and so whatever you’re speaking, you’re actually speaking into existence.

Now if you are in a place of you know what I would call no judgment, but you’re in a victim mindset, that’s where I was. I was in a victim mindset.

I’m in the real estate market crash and you know it’s not my fault and you know, I was you know depressed and sad and angry, to be honest, and I blame the real estate market and as long as you blame something outside of you for who you are, you can’t change who you are because if something outside of you created you then something outside of you would have to remake you.

It’s inside and so if you’ve been in a victim mindset, affirmations, your typical affirmation is not going to work for you because you know an affirmation might be I’m so happy and grateful that I’m a millionaire. Well if you’ve been at the vibration of victimhood, then this just isn’t going to resonate and it’ll it’ll never actually work for you.

So, you have to acknowledge where you’ve been. So if you’ve been someone that’s been you know, it’s everyone else’s fault, right? Again no judgment. I used to be there, right, then you need to acknowledge that then focus on where you’re going.

And so what that might look like is you know in the past, I really felt like my business was struggling or that I really struggled with building my business but I could feel it getting better and better.

See, that’s a much better energy than the what most people say. The more that you can focus on what you actually want and the feelings you actually want and where you actually want to go, the more powerful your life will become.

There’s a great quote by one of my mentors, Dr. Joe Dispenza, he says become more addicted to memories of your future than memories of your past.

What the heck does that mean? Memories of your future are the things that you actually want to accomplish and you’re actually seeing them as if you’ve already accomplished them. And this is a very powerful concept.

This is something that has absolutely changed my life in so many different ways but what do most people do? Most people focus on where they are, what got them there, who made them go there, and all the outside influences that they don’t want.

Focus on what you want. See yourself as successful already.

Acknowledge that up until now, you haven’t had this mindset but it’s getting better and better. Watch how this simple shift in your language will really help you.

Step two, before you go to bed, before you go to bed, it’s so, so important because when you go to sleep, it kicks in your subconscious and your subconscious and this is how I was taught by Neville Goddard, your conscious mind is responsible for your emotions.

Now most people are on autopilot, right? They get mad just because they get mad, they don’t have any control over it or they get happy because something external happens, they’re not in control of their emotions but you can get in control of your emotions.

Your emotions are writing the scripts to your subconscious to create your experiences in your life. This is deep stuff, it’s deep stuff, right? But it’s really, really helpful.

Before you go to bed, see yourself as already successful. See yourself as if all of your wishes have been fulfilled and then go to sleep knowing that your subconscious is going to work on that behind the scenes to help you attract better things into your life.

I’ve done this, it’s changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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