Today is a unique post with me sharing with you an awesome entrepreneur book for kids (and adults to be honest.)

Watch the short video and pick this up for anyone you want to help out that has ideas.

Ever Have Ideas that Were Shot Down?

If you are reading this, chances are you are a little bit or a lot of a non-conformist. People that require extreme acceptance or approval of society don’t typically join a Network Marketing company (or certainly don’t last) nor do they venture out in the wild unknown of being an entrepreneur.

Let me just say this, the entrepreneur book for kids that I talk about in the below video is a book I wish every person was armed with as a young person. I think the world would have seen more inventors and entrepreneurs.

Big shout out to my bud Brian Benson for sharing this with me!

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Awesome Entrepreneur Book for Kids

I am definitely going to have my kids read this, when they were young we used to pay the board game called Cashflow for Kids. I also suggest this if you want your kids to better understand money (and it is a lot of fun too!)

If you’d like to get the book, you an get it from Amazon here. What do you do with an idea by Kobi Yamada is an amazingly simple book that no kid ever hears. Many of you adults stuck on seeking acceptance and approval-land need to also read it.

Let’s share this message around so this book gets in the hands of our next brilliant male and female inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs.

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