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My Audience and our Social Media Infographics

Today you will see my social media infographics for our very active Facebook page.

Feel free to click the image to see the full image.

It’s Monday!

Happy Monday by the way, I have already seen at least two people complain about it being Monday, believe me, Monday’s don’t suck, the life that you feel you are stuck in sucks IF you feel Monday’s suck.

Create a life where everyday is adventurous and awesome and stop blaming Monday’s.

By the way (then I will get off my soap box), saying that something sucks dictates that it will be your experience. Be careful what you are conjuring up with your language. =)

Our Social Media Infographics

Why would I bother sharing these social media infographics with you? YOU are the ones that drive my training and content, you may think that I come up with the trainings but it is YOU who, based on your feedback and comments dictate what we roll out in regards to value.

We have quiet an awesome community on our Facebook fan page and again, so honored to serve you guys and to also learn where you need help the most.

Couple things I want to point out:

1. Relationship status: 39% of you are single? I guess I need to create a How to attract a super awesome (and sexy spouse)! Would anyone be interested in that product?

2. From the social media infographics that I have seen from other companies, most show a spike at certain times but you guys post 24/7, awesome!

3. When you look at your typical Facebook user, you guys are WAY more engaged and post WAY more and you share way more! Super cool, honored to be associated with such abundant minded peeps!

Always inspired by you guys, get to know each other in the comments below!

Have a Question for me?

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Did you enjoy the infograph? Did you find it interesting? Comment below and meet each other! Of course you will share (and please feel free to), just look at the infograph! =)

To Your Abundance!

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