Everyone loves the idea of the Attraction Marketing System and wants to implement it but it is rare for someone to start off on the right foot. This post will help you understand and utilize attraction marketing if you are brand new to the concept or don’t even know what it is.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is the concept of creating value and building intrigue for your target prospect so they are attracted to you and your message. This can be done by crafting specific marketing messages about your target prospect and is best done in the attempts of solving the problems/questions of your target prospect. Here are some examples:

Own a garden shop? You could write articles on the lowest maintenance flowers to plant for spring (that of course you offer for sale at your store).

Own a Real Estate office? You could create videos, blogs or articles on the best questions to ask a realtor or the best areas to buy right now.

Own a financial planning company? You could craft videos or articles on how to evaluate your nest egg and the common mistakes of most people in their 40’s/50’s, etc.

Those articles, videos, etc get out there in Internet land and show that you are NOT just publishing some silly sales flyer but actually attempting to educate your target prospect with value.


How to Start Attraction Marketing

So, most people would suggest you get a blog, all your wordpress plugins, start doing keyword research, get an attraction marketing system, etc. My suggestion is to get some content out there first before you spend too much time studying or buying stuff. What I see ALL DAY LONG in this industry is people trying to learn attraction marketing and taking FOREVER to set up all their crap so that it is perfect before they even dream of doing anything that could possibly make them any money.

Here is my quick step formula to start your Attraction Marketing:

1. Decide if you are OK doing videos or you prefer writing articles. Once decided, create one or the other THAT DAY. My suggestion would be to really speak to your target prospect. For example, one of my favorite types of people to work with is financial planners. If I were starting out, I might create a video that says “Looking for Financial Planners in Fort Myers, Florida.” And in that video talking about how I have a project with a professional product that financial planners could utilize to diversify their income and that I live in Fort Myers.

2. Embrace that ATTRACTION MARKETING IS NOT FAST MONEY. This is actually a great realization for you to have as so many have been going broke trying to get rich quickly the last few years. So, now that you know it is NOT fast money, pick a method of generating an income so your spouse doesn’t get mad at you too much for spending so much time in front of the computer. If I am using the same example above of financial planners, I might google “Fort Myers financial planners” and just call them with a real easy pitch informing them I am working with financial planners and seeing their openness. Until you start getting leads from your attraction marketing, this is CRITICAL for you to do as if you want your marketing to increase in effectiveness..go make some money and it will trust me.

3. Pick 1-3 marketing trainers that you really like and spend 30 minutes to one hour per day studying their stuff, no more though.

4. Pick 1-3 inspirational trainers that you really like and spend 30 minutes to one hour per day studying their stuff, no more though.

5. Repeat every day.

What to do if you do not need Fast Money

OK, so what if you do not need money right away and you are making money from other sources? If you do not need money right away, just create content daily, and over a period of time, you will start getting leads. The problem with that is if you are not accustomed to talking on the phone and have no experience at sponsoring people, you may struggle to get those that express interest in your business. My suggestion is from day one to get used to making calls to your warm market or to potential prospects so that when you do have a lead flow, you will maximize your income. Having a system for my attraction marketing definitely helped me but it is because I am very good at managing my time. IF you are in the steps of learning Attraction Marketing, manage that time so you can stick in this industry and reap the rewards!


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