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Attraction Marketing for Those New to Online MLM

  If you are new to online MLM, attraction marketing can be like trying to learn calculus, but it doesn't have to be hard, this blog post will help even the newest students!

Why Learn Online MLM Strategies?

You will never hear me bash the traditional offline strategies suggested in network marketing. Some of my very best leaders are 100% offline, however, it sure is nice to learn how to navigate the wide open online world and if you learn to do attraction marketing the right way, you can connect with an unlimited number of people at anytime and even have them chasing YOU to join your business!

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is the art of doing things in a certain way to attract people that do not know you to want to connect with, learn from and possibly work with you. It is something taught all the time but rarely taught in a way that those brand new to online MLM can actually learn so in this post and video I hope to give you simple strategies that have helped me create a dream lifestyle.

Common Misconceptions about Online Network Marketing

1. You have to have success before you teach anyone anything online. (I started when I was in foreclosure and had failed at 11 MLM's!) 2. You have to be real good at technical stuff. (Boy, I never would have made it!) 3. You have to spend a ton of money for a fancy website. You can get hosting here for VERY inexpensive. 4. All you do is spam your company links all over Facebook and eventually, someone will see it and get excited to join. (This is horsecrap and whoever is teaching this needs to be sent back to clown school) If you pay attention to the below video, you will learn a simple two step attraction marketing blueprint that if followed WILL get you more prospects and commissions and even help you recruit more reps!

Video: Two Simple Steps to becoming an Online Rockstar!

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