attraction marketingWhat is attraction marketing and how can it help you build your home business?

Today I share how we have used attraction marketing and how to apply it in your world.

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Attraction Marketing and Building your Home Business

First of all, I’m a big fan of attraction marketing. I first learned attraction marketing through MLSP. Attraction marketing could, in my opinion, be called education marketing.

Basically it’s where you are leading with value. You’re offering something before someone commits to you or buys from you.

It’s something that we’ve used for the last six years, so I’m a huge fan of attraction marketing, a huge fan of education marketing. A phrase that I use all the time is, Jason Fried wrote a book called Regrow, and he says, “Out-teach your competition.” See everyone wants to crush their competition and outsell their competition. Guess what? You can outsell your competition by out-teaching them. Out-teach. It’s such a foreign concept.

When I talk about attraction marketing people always ask me, “Ray, when do I pitch my business? When do I pitch my business?”

Instead of thinking that way, build an audience, build a following, build a tribe. Then anything you mention will sell. You don’t have to pitch anything. I don’t get on any webinar or any call and hard pitch anybody because we’ve led with value for so many years that when we offer anything, we sell it. We really do.

Put things out there that would attract people to you. Instead of talking about the latest, greatest weight loss shake and why they should buy your weight loss shake, talk about tips that would help someone lose weight, that would attract the perfect person that might be interested in your weight loss shake, but give them value.

In the below video I share a powerful idea on how all our free content works and how many people we attract through our free education actually purchase something from us, I think you will find it interesting…

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