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The Art of Self Growth

self growth

Today I am going to share with you the true essence of my personal success, I call it the art of self growth.

If you are struggling in ANY area of your life, this post will help you my friend.

Do You Want to Grow?

Today I am going to share with you some philosophies on self growth and how you can become better in a few areas of your life.

The first question is, do you actually want to grow? Too often people are quick to shout how they already know something even when it is not evident in their reality. To that, I suggest, “Stop looking at what you think you know and instead look at your results.”

Some Keys to Self Growth

The very first step to self growth is changing your language. IF you insist on telling things the way they are and or justifying why you are where you are in your business or relationships, you will stay there.

Instead, choose to believe in the possibility of growth in the area of your life that has you so concerned. IF you are dead broke then stop repeating over and over in your head or to other people that you are broke and instead say “I’m so happy and grateful that money is on the way” or any derivation of that. Another change to make is instead of “needing” to make money, change your language and say “What activity or value can I produce that will dictate money coming to me?” “Needing” is powerless and wimpy. Focusing on changing the habits that created your lack of money is productive and habits, not results, can be changed.

How to Work With Those of Authority

Some people, and I don’t think they truly mean to, act as if giving someone money or being in someone’s team or downline gives them the right to be demanding and or a jerk. This is a critical mistake. Here’s why:

“If you are a jerk to the people you give money to, you will sabotage who you RECEIVE money from as no one wants to be treated like a jerk”

IF your focus is on self growth, you need to treat those of authority with reverence and honor so that you STRIVE to become one of them. I have been told by other trainers, speakers and uplines that they love working with me as I make things so easy and instead of being demanding, I am attentive and honoring. Guess what behavior gets to learn more? Do you get more by demanding someone train and mentor you or do you get more by honoring them and listening?

This is a CRITICAL way to think when it comes to teambuilding, stay tuned by the way as we are in the process of releasing an amazing training on team building. =)


Growing your Relationships

THE most prized thing in my life is my relationship with my wife. She is my everything. However, if you are on here and you either want a relationship with someone or you simply want a better relationship with someone, let me offer some suggestions:

1. Write down 20 things you are grateful about your current or future partner everyday. You may think this is tricky if you are single but it really isn’t. Choose to see how your future partner will treat you, what they will do for you and how they will make you feel. For existing partners choose to write down little things they do that you like AND future project the things you would like them to do.

2. Surprise them. People love surprises, maybe it’s with their favorite chocolate or making them breakfast in bed (yes, guys too). But conduct these surprises without an expected payoff and don’t be addicted to the outcome. If their reaction isn’t what you hope for, release it, and know you did your part. Many times this will be more impressive than the surprise.

At an event recently someone asked what was success. While I may not have the perfect and total answer I believe that growth and contribution have to rank up there somewhere. Knowing that we are growing as people and that we are contributing to others sure sounds like a good start to success. =)

Hope this has been uplifting and helpful to you, feel free to share and comment below if you got value!

To Your Abundance!

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