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The Art of Changing Lives


It’s likely you will have TWO major mind shifts in this post about changing lives.

Watch the short video to learn how important a role you play in changing lives.

Lesson One

This might challenge some beliefs you currently have but the reality is, IF you are playing big and serious about changing lives, you need to create wealth.

Many of the masses have been programmed to believe that having lots of money removes ones morality or ethics but the truth is, if you are serious about changing lives, having MORE money allows you to make a bigger impact, give more, help more, and gives you access to the full resources needed for massive life changing.

Money is just a magnifier. If you are a crummy, miserable person that doesn’t care about anyone, having more money will make you more of that. However, IF you are someone who loves helping others and making a difference, YOU having access to more resources will increase your ability to impact and change lives.

Lesson Two

The below video WILL challenge you. It takes something you may have resistance to and flips it around to have you realize that the ONLY way for you to increase the rate at which you are changing lives means…, well, just watch the video and you will see what I mean =)

Video: The Art of Changing Lives

Look back at your life and the times you have offered guidance and advice and then ask yourself about my “getting around the campfire” discussion mentioned in the above video. Think I’m right?

Feel free to share this and also feel free to remove any guilt you have with sales, it is most likely the ONLY way you can ever get good at changing lives. Comment below if you had an aha moment!

To Your Abundance!

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