Facebook Ads

Are you wondering whether Facebook Ads are effective for your business?

Today I’m sharing the two main things to remember when it comes to advertising and how to effectively use ads in your business.

Are Facebook Ads Effective?

When it comes to running ads, the whole point of advertising is to create the ability to spend more.

For you to be able to do that, you need to be able to track. If you’re doing a Facebook Live and you’re running an ad, you need to know who came from what so that you know where to increase your ad spend.

Most people aren’t detail-oriented enough to track that, and they will do a Facebook Live that has the same kind of call to action as something they’re running an ad to, and they won’t know which one is actually working. Maybe the free Facebook Live is working and the ad isn’t at all. Then you may stop the ad and do more Facebook Lives, but the bottom line is, you need to be able to track where those people are coming from.

So the two main things you need to understand when it comes to advertising is:

1. The point of advertising is to create the ability to spend more. Because, if you’re putting a dollar in and you’re making $1.20, then you should want to put more dollars into it.

2. Then, number two is just tracking.

Can Facebook Ads Help or Hurt You?

If you’re just haphazardly running ads, then you could lose money. But if you’re running ads and tracking then you’re on the right path.

Don’t have the mindset of, “I’m going to throw 500 bucks to ads and just see what happens.” Save your money if that’s your mindset.

Instead, you should think, “Hey, I’m going to test a small amount of money that I’m okay with if I lose, see how it does, and I’m either going to tweak it, I’m either going to increase the spend, or I’m going to shut it off.”

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