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Answers to Common MLM Blog Questions


Last night I did the final webinar for my Pro Blog Academy and there were a lot of great questions on there. With a packed webinar we did not have time to answer every question (even though we went 2 hours). This post will answer some of the common blog questions people have.

Your Blog Questions Answered

Q: What is the very first step to consider if you have not yet started your blog?
A: Define your target prospect. Know who you are most desiring to attract and THEN start.

Q: Do you have to be on WordPress?
A: You don’t have to be, however, most marketers write plugins for WordPress so I think you are at a disadvantage with any other platform

Q: How do you come up with content for your blog?
A: There are lots of ways, if you have defined your target prospect you can do a much better job of coming up with content, in the pro blog academy I teach 3 ways to come up with daily content easily as well as a couple ways to actually get paid to come up with content. Also, you might wanna check out Rob Fore’s new information product called Posting on Purpose, dude is a genius.

Q: What if your MLM does not allow Internet marketing?
A: Well, obviously I cannot speak for all companies, one of the reasons I chose my company was due to their Internet friendliness however you can blog and be on social media without talking about your MLM, in fact, I would encourage you to create more content and value than just pitch your company.


Even More Blog Questions

As you can tell there were a LOT of blog questions, here are some more:

Q: Why do you like blogging so much?
A: I think there are a lot of ways out there right now to get leads and traffic,  just think the search engines and people dig fresh content more than anything and blogging is an easy way to give em that.

Q: What if you are technically challenged?
A: Well, technology is now the most inexpensive thing on the planet, there are a million sites out there that will setup your wordpress blog for $50. Most good hosting providers like Hostgator have push button setup for wordpress. Technology is way too cheap and available to be a stumbling block for anyone any more.

Q: How do you get traffic to your blog?
A: Lots of places =). The biggest suggestion is to have a traffic blueprint that you can just check off once you are finished writing your blog.

Have Blog Questions that I didn’t Cover?

Comment below and I will personally answer on this page =)

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