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Staying fully committed and being “all in, all the time” is important for growing your business and staying passionate.

Here I’m sharing how we stay “all in” even outside of our business, and what it truly means to be fully committed.

What It Means To Be “All In, All The Time”

Have you ever asked yourself – am I all in? Am I committed to making the biggest impact I possibly can? To being the best example I possibly can?

We challenged ourselves and we decided we wanted to make a bigger difference in our local area because we felt as though we weren’t doing enough.

We started going to different events and meet different people who were doing big things. Think children’s hospitals and children’s charities type of events.

This past year, we got on the board of two different pretty major charities and started meeting different people that thought differently and played a little bit bigger.

We were able to be around a variety of people and were able to commit and put our energy toward something we’re passionate about.

One of my favorite quotes is – “The size of your life is dictated by the size of your commitments.” And it relates to being “all in, all the time” because we’re constantly looking at how to make bigger commitments and do more. When really, we need to first focus on thoroughly going through with the commitment and fully showing up for it.

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And being “all in, all the time” is really just a decision. It’s 100% your decision and it’s up to you to make it

It’s not a, “I’m going to see if this thing works.” It’s a, “I’m going to do my best. I’m going to try to make this thing happen.”

That’s a decision that you make.

Lastly, I want to add that sometimes being “all in, all the time” can be exhausting. Sometimes it can be frustrating and it can feel like you’re constantly running.

But, at the same time, you do that for a season. We do those things for a season, and then we take time for family and everyday life.

We take time to reflect afterwards and take a vacation or some type of mental and physical break.

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