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Here I share my tips for getting the best results in a short amount of time.

Best Advice For New Network Marketers

So, man, I got a lot of advice.

Two that come to mind.

One, if you can get to Orlando in August for our Prospecting & Duplications Summit, I would definitely get there.

If you cannot get there, you might consider getting our new book Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing. It does have some scripts in here. It does have some follow up suggestions in here. It’s got marketing suggestions, how to run Facebook Lives, ect.

The script book definitely is more comprehensive when it comes to scripts and overcoming objections and things like that, but that would be two pieces of advice.

But let me give you some advice that you don’t have to buy anything for, right? Because I know some people are looking for that.

1. Commit

I heard Mark Cuban says this and I really liked it.

He said, “Instead of having an exit strategy, have a commitment strategy.”

[mashtweet tweet=”Instead of having an exit strategy, have a commitment strategy. – @Mcuban” quote=”Instead of having an exit strategy, have a commitment strategy. – Mark Cuban”]

So, commit.

Commit to this business. Commit to this profession.

Don’t come into network marketing and say I’m going to give it 30 days because no real business owner does that.

No one starts a restaurant with the hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost and overhead in a restaurant and say, “You know what? I’m going to give it a month.” No. They commit.

And so that’s what’s really important that just because network marketing is low risk, low cost, low overhead, doesn’t mean you need to treat it like a hundred dollar business, or a thousand dollar business.

You treat it like a million dollar business and it will become that for you.

So when I got started, I was dead broke, in personal foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors and some of you all say, “Ray man. Bro. Bro, you don’t understand man. I’m $30,000 in debt.” And I’m like “Aww, that’s so cute. Congrats on your restraint.” I was a million dollars in debt, because I had over leveraged myself in real estate. I had rental properties that were just killing me and crushing me and I was like a big alligator just eating every dime I had and so when I hear of the baby bears with $30,000 in debt, I’m like “Aww. Good for you for being so restrained.”

So that was me, 10 months later, by hitting ridiculous numbers, by being committed, by being dedicated, by running as hard as I freaking could, I was at $50,000 a month, now results will vary.

Most people will never prospect as many people as I prospected in the first 10 months. I know people who have been in this industry for 20 years that didn’t prospect as many people as I prospected in 10 months.

Have a commitment strategy.

Your goal may not be $50,000 a month. It may not be $100,000. It may not be to make millions of dollars, but I would suggest to you that if you want to build this as a business, then you have a commitment strategy.

Treat it like a business.

And for those of you who’ve never had a business and maybe you’re like, “Well, how do I do that? I’ve never had a business.”

Well, just like a job. Do you show up to your job when you feel like it?

You’re like, “You know what? I kind of feel like going in today.” Or do you go in when you don’t feel like it? That’s the attitude.

I prospected when I didn’t want to. I prospected when I didn’t feel like it. And, I prospected when my day was crappy. I prospected when I would rather take a hammer to my hands then pick up that damn phone. I did it anyway, and that’s the attitude, if you want to build a business.

If you just want to be a customer, rock on. Way to go. You’re there. Be a customer.

You want to build a business? You’re going to have to do some stuff that you don’t feel like doing. You’re going to have to show up when you don’t feel like showing up, and so that would be my number one suggestion, have a commitment strategy.

As far as tactical, I would have a weekly goal. How many people am I going to see if they are open to the opportunity, the product, the service, whatever it is that you lead with, and so I’m going to have a goal, every week, how many people am I going to reach out to to see if they’re open?

2. Start Doing Videos

Start doing some Facebook lives. Or start recording some videos.

Give value.

And, start doing the different things to attract people to you.

3. Get To Events

Get to every company event you could possibly get to, because that’s where magic happens.

If you can make it to our event, we’d love to have you.

But if you have to choose, go to your company event, because the company event, and I know no trainer says this. Every trainers like “Come to my event. It’s better.” I’m not saying that.

If you have to choose, I would go to your company event. And the reason is, you’re going to hear stories that are exactly for your company which helps people, especially if they’re not making any money. They struggle to believe anyone else’s story unless they are exactly in their company, which is kind of silly, but why fight it if it’s the truth right?

So if you have to chose, go to your company event. If you’re able to go to your company event and come to ours and we can help maybe expedite your success there.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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