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A Stern Message About
Your MLM Recruiting

I have come to realize that I have been way too nice when it comes to certain aspects of MLM recruiting, this video might wake some people up.

Why Are Some People Turned Off by Network Marketing?

Do you really want to know the reason? It’s all because of non-trained, or worse yet, non-coachable network marketers. Honestly, it’s exactly what has given our industry a bad reputation and it’s high time we start a movement to stop it and eradicate this stupid behavior.

Why It Pisses Me Off

The reason terrible MLM recruiting practices get me riled up is it clouds the fact that network marketing is freaking awesome! We have the lowest risk and lowest overhead way of creating freedom but that gets overshadowed by the terrible “pitching” of network marketers. In ALL of my training I give MLM tips to boost your recruiting such as:

– Don’t send unsolicited links
– Develop relationships
– See who is open versus try to “close” an unwilling person
– Stop with the stupid hype

Yet just yesterday I got THREE people that send me emails along the lines of:

“Hey, I really love your training on MLM recruiting, just curious if you had time to check out my new opportunity and wanted to know if you were open”

Really? C’mon. Now, some people would say well Ray, at least they are trying! That is pure baloney, they are NOT trying, they are just continuing the negative perception of this industry and that affects EVERYONE by being LAZY!

Video From Vegas on MLM Recruiting

This morning I am presenting at the Maria Andros, Video Conversion Formula Live event in Vegas and tonight I am speaking in Dallas for my primary company. I shot this video this morning and it may just be a little hard hitting for you but I hope it strikes a chord in the hearts of those that are ignoring the relationships building process and are just amateur pitch people (yes, men and women!)


Comment below if you are with me in raising the conversation in this industry and share around if you think more people should see this!

To Your Abundance!

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