Good Morning.

Some of you may have heard that it appears I will be going to jail.
Yes, you read that right but I wanted to beat some people to the punch
and explain my side of the story.

I am going to jail…to help raise
money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! On October 28th at
9am I will be locked up in the mock jail that will be setup at the
Carrabba’s Italian Grill at Gulf Coast Town Center. Will it be tough
being on the inside learning how to trade packs of cigarettes and
getting tattoos? Yes, but it is a cause well worth it! Please
show your support and love by visiting my page, it is a very funny
video they have on the site that you should check out, I laughed
when I saw it, you can visit my page at

On another charity note….

I have a project that I am calling SWFL Jobjoy that is geared at
helping those that have either
1) Lost their job and looking for another one
2) Are in fear of losing their job
3) Hate their job and want another one

I come in a do a presentation for your group for no charge and I
cover “How to stand out in a sea of resumes” and get a job in this
economy. I blend in social media tactics as well as actual sales
psychology tactics on how to get your foot in the door. Those who
have attended have said it taught them some strategies they had
never thought of. You can watch my youtube video to learn more
about my project and what I am looking for.

Thanks for all your support

Ray Higdon
Founder –
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