New to a MLM company and want to crush it?

Here’s the ultimate game plan for success.

A Detailed Plan When Joining A New MLM Company

Let me tell you a little story about how I made it when I joined a new company.

I was in foreclosure, dead broke, and a million dollars in debt. I was being chased by bill collectors. I’ve had been divorced and my girlfriend that I was dating at the time was paying my utility bills. She was working at the makeup counter and I’m happy to say she is now my beautiful wife. She stuck with me when things were very tough.

So, I was million dollars in debt, behind on all bills, in personal foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors. Before I left the house, I literally looked out the blinds to see if anyone is waiting out there with a clipboard to give me a signed stuff and serve me papers.

So, here I was and I joined a network marketing company and I’m like, “You know what? I got nothing else going for me. I literally have nothing in my life that is making money. Nothing in my life makes sense. I’m going to make this damn thing work.”

I embraced two words.

2 Words I Embraced

1. Until

I embraced the word until. I’m going to do the damn work until I create success.

2. Despite

I also embraced the word despite. I’m going to make it happen despite all of my challenges. I’m going to make it happen despite all the different things going on in my life and despite any challenge that faces my way.

Literally, I could have walked down the street in a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to chomp me, I’m going to duke it out. And I’m going to go prospect somebody. Doesn’t matter.

A plane could have crashed right in front of me, I’m blown back and after I dust myself off, I’m going to go prospect somebody. I’m going to make it happen.

My Journey To Becoming A Top Earner

I joined a prelaunch network marketing company. Now, am I saying that’s a good or bad idea? I’m just telling my story. There’s good ideas about being in a new company. There’s bad ideas about being in a new company.

I found that life becomes what you make of it and if you’re looking for excuses on why to quit, you’ll find them.

[mashtweet tweet=”Life becomes what you make of it and if you’re looking for excuses on why to quit, you’ll find them. – Ray Higdon” quote=”Life becomes what you make of it and if you’re looking for excuses on why to quit, you’ll find them. – Ray Higdon”]

You’ll find them every time.

I remember I recruited this guy and he lives in Port Charlotte. He’s like, “Man, I’m going to kill this thing man. I’m going to woo wee.”  He is fired up. He’s ready to kill this thing, be the top earner. He’s going to pass me up and make it happen. I’m like, “Yeah, baby, yeah. Woo!”

I’m easily convinced. I’m easily duped. I’m like, “Woo! Yes! Woo!”

So, the next day after the honeymoon apparently, the next day he goes, “Hey, I was going to order some business cards but I don’t see any business cards in the back office.

I’m like, “Yeah, we’re a new company. So, we don’t have everything back there just yet. So, yeah we don’t have business cards just yet.”

Before I can even say anything, he goes, “Well, how am I supposed to build this business with no business cards?”

I’m kind of like, “Oh, I don’t know. Any other method.” Right?

He’s like, “Man, this ain’t going to work out bro. I’m out of here.” He quit.

That’s how most network marketers are. That’s how a lot of entrepreneurs are. They’re little baby bears that are waiting for what’s the next excuse of why they won’t create success.

Business Cards:

I didn’t have business cards for 10 years because nobody follows up. I grab their business card. And, I put it in my pocket because I follow up. They don’t. Nobody does. People ask me for a business card, they still won’t follow up with you.

I follow up. That’s what I do.

Heads Up

So, if you’re in a new network marketing company, let me give you a heads up.

You’re going to have:

  • software problems
  • inventory problems
  • things just not work
  • you might have a time where they don’t pay you on time
  • run out of inventory
  • not have all the marketing materials you need
  • not have the right presentation

You’re going to have all kinds of that stuff. So, there’s the beginning here. Things falling to pieces and it’s just a mess. There’s going to be software problems, inventory problems, product problems. There’s going to be all kinds of problems.

Baby Bears

Your baby bears are going to quit.

They’re going to say, “Well, I need to perfect. I need everything to be perfect and all inventory to be available at all times.” 

They’re going to quit.

So, those non-baby bears that make it through this period, that make it through inventory problems, software problems, comp plan problems.

I became the number one income earner not because of lack of obstacles. Believe me, not because of lack of inventory or a lack of problems or a lack of software issues. We had all those things.

All of them, every one of them.

So, the baby bears are going to leave. They’re just going to paddle away and they’ll go look for another baby bear destination where they’ll quit that too. They’ll find some reason.

So, they’ll go to like a 50-year established company like, “Oh, you know what? I just need a 50-year established company. That’s what I need.”

Then they’ll get there and they’ll say, “Well, geez, all the top earners have been in it for a long time. It’s saturated. ” They’re going to come up with some other bullshit excuse on why they can’t create success over there. So, they’ll leave. They’ll paddle. They’ll be on a little piece of plywood just paddle away from a new MLM.

If You Stick It Out

So, in the beginning there might be software problems, comp plan problems, inventory problems, no marketing materials, bad presentations, sample packs are totally screwed.

Get to 30 – 100 million dollars, negativity is going to hit you. It could be a press release or the media.  It’s going to be something negative though and then you get to the 250 million plus.

So, at 250 million plus, something really fun happens. Now if you are the gladiator, you’re the badass that came in here.

You had the the software problem and shook it off. Inventory problem, you shook it off.

You make passes because you’re a gladiator…

Then you’re going to get to this stage, and guess what’s awesome about this stage? This is great. This is so fun. You know what people are going to say? You ready for this? The baby bears are going to say, “Oh, you’re so lucky. You got in early.”

They don’t see the battle wounds. They don’t see the knife you took from your best friend. And, they don’t see the two-by-four you took over the back when it was a negative article.

They’ll say, “Oh you’re so lucky. Oh you found a network that was new. Oh if only I had gotten in when it was new.”

You can say with 100% certainty, I probably say it in my head though, “No, you don’t because you would have quit.”

So, you’re either a gladiator and you’re going to make a pass all this crap and then get to enjoy the musings of the baby bear years from now that said, “I wished I had gotten in when it was new.”

Or not. Then you’re going to keep paddling your boat to different things hoping for something else and something else.

You do the work, you know there’s going to be obstacles, period, end of story. That’s what’s going to happen whether it’s new or not.

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