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8 Things More Important Than Price in MLM

Some network marketers, especially those that are struggling financially, think that the most important piece of their marketing is the price of their product. That is why you have seen rise to the “free to join” or “mentoring for free” stuff that no one makes money from. If you are ever to create an actual income in the home based business arena, you need to understand there are 8 things more important than the price.

What could possibly be more important than price?

I heard a great quote awhile back, not sure who said it..

“Poor people cannot afford to buy cheap things”

If you are struggling financially, the wasting of money, even if it is small, is simply too high risk. Understand that there are at least 8 things more important than price. Reading a book called “Mastering the World of Selling” and found these cool tips.

The Sacred 8

  1. An easy – No brainer, relationship. What do they want in a relationship. How can you fit into what they are already doing. One challenge when talking to busy people (the best people to recruit) is to ensure they see doing business with you as something that can fit in and not something to interfere. I like to talk about network marketing as something that can help generate “extra” money rather than just fulltime money with busy people.
  2. Reliability and Dependability. Anyone ever have issues with this in network marketing before with someone you joined? Haha, I bet you have. The jumping of leaders from company to company and or false promises has people a little more skeptical when it comes to joining than in the past.
  3. Predictability. Do you conduct your business in a way that someone from the outside would consider you predictable or are you sporadic in your business? Consistency is the most important factor in network marketing.
  4. Reaction to their needs. If your prospect has questions or needs a three way call, will you be there for them? Or, are they going to leave you a hundred messages never to be returned?
  5. Short Delivery Times. You can look at this as product or more in relation to their needs. How quickly are you responding to their needs and their questions?
  6. Breadth and Depth in Quality. One of the things I hear over and over from my team is the quality of our training. Do not skimp in any area when it comes to quality. If you want to recruit quality, become quality.
  7. Knowledge, competence and follow through. If you do not know something, will you find out and get back to them? So few people follow up, don’t fall into that trap.
  8. Salespeople who know their product line. Learn more about your product but not at the sacrifice of doing the profit producing activities such as prospecting. Become more knowledgeable about sales, marketing and your product but again, don’t stay in that all too comfy library NOT producing a profit!

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