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8 Common Flaws of MLM Leaders and Upline

I think one reason people do not recruit more reps into their MLM is they do not have the belief they can lead them to profit and success. Studying what to do is just as important as what not to do and in this blog I will share some things to avoid as you step into the MLM leader you were meant to become.

What if your MLM Upline sucks?

The majority of success stories I have heard from people that made millions of dollars in network marketing including an upline that either quit or was not ideal. Having a strong upline is one of the key ways to have a better shot at success but the big thing is don’t whine about it. Either get into a different company or decide you are going to build it yourself or reach up the company tree until you locate an MLM leader that will support you.

The 8 Common Flaws to Avoid as an MLM Leader

1. Don’t be a boss or manager. People get into network marketing to escape the tyranny of working for someone. Don’t make your people feel like they are reporting to their second job.

2. Don’t sit in your white tower. Some people forget what got them to MLM success and transform into a diva or prima donna as they rise the ranks forgetting the backbones of the people that helped them get there. Be accessible to the people that want to communicate with you in your team.

3. Don’t take forever to make decisions. One trait of a leader is they make decisions quickly and don’t sit around belaboring what they should do. If your downline reaches out to you with ideas or suggestions, communicate back with them quickly as some will wait to do anything until they hear from you.

4. Never reprimand in public. In my first network marketing company I was the rogue guy that did internet marketing as well as offline/traditional marketing and some of the leaders, despite my performance, loved to talk trash about me and my “ways”. One meeting a so-called leader stood in front of the team (about 80 people at this particular meeting) and said they would no longer support me or any of my team unless we did things exactly as she wanted them. I am so grateful she did that as it made my decision to exit the company so easily. Applaud your people publicly. I suggest never reprimanding period but give helpful suggestions privately.

5. Don’t break promises. You are only as good as your word. Be very careful what you promise as some people simply promise way too often but when you do, make sure you come through. This will create a culture of accountability versus weinerville.

6. Don’t lie to your people, especially when coaching them. It can be easy to make someone feel good and tell them their actions are going to help them build the business but if you do not shoot straight with them, you are doing them a disservice. More people, especially in MLM, need a kick in the butt than a pat on the back. Remind them that we are all playing a large game to affect and help the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and don’t breed wimps.

7. Don’t complain, ever. You have to lead the charge. Had a bad day? You can bet that some in your downline did too. They come to you to be inspired and uplifted not to try to lift you up. If you are a complainer it is almost guaranteed you will not have success in this industry.

8. Don’t be inconsistent. The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack. If you work a few days on and a few days off, most of your team will not work at all. Put in that extra effort and never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself. Last night I was on a webinar as a panelist when Mark Hoverson talked about how you have to leave your team in the dust. To inspire, you have to be willing to put on the warpaint and ride your horse out in front of the group and INSPIRE them rather than try to manage them into action.

 What if You Don’t Have a Team yet?

Let me ask you this question..would you sign up with you? And if the answer is no, fix it, if the answer is yes, then get off your duff and get some people in your organization. YOU CANNOT HELP ANYONE THAT DOES NOT SIGN UP INTO YOUR BUSINESS. Don’t be selfish, get someone on the path to a better life by getting them into your culture and community.

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