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7 Ways to Increase Retention in Your MLM

This is a pretty exciting topic to me. If you are in the network marketing industry, I hope it is NOT just to get some bonuses but to actually build a residual income. This blog will cover 7 ways to increase retention in your MLM.

Preventive Ways to Increase Retention in Your MLM

1. Dig Deep. The flashy hotshot that jumps companies every 6-12 months probably will not stick around forever. They will always carry a small group of followers that care more about being a groupie than becoming a leader or making any money, however, the hotshot can actually bring in some talent. Dig deep, locate that talent and support and work with them. Then, when the hotshot makes the predicted jump, you will retain the actual leaders. In Network marketing you have to think multi-dimensionally.

2. Be a rock. People are sick of hype and baloney. Pick your main thing and keep it your main thing. If people are curious what MLM company shirt you are wearing today, they will be easily distracted and the retention in your MLM will suffer.

3. Create or utilize an existing fast start training page for new reps. To increase retention in your MLM, focus on getting people paid! Create or utilize an existing training page for new reps that is step by step what they can do to get started the right way. DO NOT rely on a company page for this. This is NOT about giving them a ton of information and hoping for the best, this training should be what they can do and what they should NOT do to build their business right away.

Give Attention to Increase Retention in your MLM

4. Hold weekly training webinars. On these webinars, regularly bring out leaders in your team that are having success. Did you know that fewer people get excited over making money than they do getting recognition? Leaders know this very well.

5. Travel to your MLM Leaders. I just returned from a 3 city tour to spend time with some of my leaders. When you travel to cities that DESERVE it, this helps them see you are serious about their growth and you will increase retention in your MLM.

6. Keep leading. MLM Leadership is actually leading, not managing. Keep doing the things to increase your business and team. Keep recruiting and sponsoring even when you have a huge team to show the team that you are not above what you are asking them to do.

7. Be a great upline. There may be a few things that I have left out that will help to increase retention in your MLM so this is designed to be a catch all. Be a great upline. Be the type of upline that you would be proud to have as your own upline. This means being supporting, not distracting. This means manipulating in ways NOT for your gain but for your teammates gain.

Video: 7 Ways to Increase Retention in Your MLM

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