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7 Ways to Get More Sales

Every single person in this economy owes their job to a salesman. Either it was the founder of the company selling the concept to investors or overhead jobs that exist due to sales people out in the field, being a salesperson is a great thing to be. This blog will give you 7 ways to get more sales.

Change Your Mindset to Get More Sales

Some of the 7 ways to get more sales involve your mindset. Having the right mindset is THE most important thing to get more sales (most people would disagree and those would be the people without results).

1. Change your money goals. Take whatever you made last year and make that amount your new monthly goal. Write it down. By February 11th of this year I had made more than I made in 2009, and then last week I made more than I did the entire year of 2009. Some hit the same thing every year in income as they simply never stretch their goals. Once you make your monthly income your past year income, then make your weekly income goal the month goal you just had.

2. Surround yourself with better sales people. Know someone great at sales? Get around them more. Finding ways to get more sales is almost always worth the effort especially from people that are in the field making it happen.

3. Study the art of sales. Sales (not prostitution) is the oldest profession. I can suggest several resources but also get with the people in your company that are making it happen. Here are some suggested resources: Brian Tracy: Psychology of Sales, Joel Bauer: How to persuade those who don’t want to be persuaded and Richard Bandler: Persuasion Engineering are all great ones.

Tactical Ways to Get More Sales

4. Become a master listener. Most people will tell you how to get them to buy if you only listen to them. Why would they be interested in your product? (that is, if you KNOW your product, in MLM it is NOT your actual company product or comp plan). What are their current wants, needs, desires or problems? It is hard to instruct you on how to be a scripted sales person but easy to get you to ask questions and listen.

5. Talk to more people. All sales are essentially a numbers game, especially in the network marketing industry. I have people tell me that they talked to 50-60 people and did not get any yes’s and they are confused as to why. That is simply not enough people to know if you are doing anything right or wrong. If you cannot tell me what any of the 50-60 people’s wants, needs, desires or problems are, then, I can tell you to get better at that and pay attention to way number 4 (above)

6. Create a better possibility for your potential client. A lot of people struggle with sales because they are only looking at the value of the immediate product they are selling. For example, in network marketing, if you are just looking at the value of the static product in your starter kit, that is not really worth that much, but, when you compare it to what is possible, it changes that value. I have people in my team that have taken the little starter kit and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars from the combination of the kit and their effort. When you see the value of your product as a higher possibility of what can be done with it, your sales will increase.

7. Focus. I use the story of my fiance for this one. When she started working with me in our business, she was constantly looking for new ways to get more sales as her checks were simply not that much. I recall month after month of her getting $50-$150 checks each week. In Network marketing, you will be grossly underpaid your first year but it sure does get better. As she is now completing her 14th month in the business, she will break $9,000 this month, that, is the power of focus. She would never have made that amount (mostly residual too) if she had jumped from company to company or did NOT focus.

Video: 7 Ways to Get More Sales


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