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7 Tips to Achieving What You Desire


I have always been pretty good at achieving what I desired. I look at the rough patches in my life (been dead broke twice) and those were the times where I did not have clear set goals. I am wired for achieving things and having goals, if I do not have them, I am just not that motivated. This blog is going to give you 7 tips to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in life. (regardless of where you are and whatever your circumstances are)

Why have a desire to achieve? You know some people on this planet think that life is about getting by. They think that as long as nothing bad is happening that they are doing their duty as a human being. I think this life is to be lived BIG having fun and challenging ourselves all the way. I don’t think it is about living some lap of luxury where you never challenge yourself nor do I think it is reaching one final goal and then stopping all growth. Life should be a series of goals and accomplishments to be savored and enjoyed with people around you that you love!

Tip #1 – Know what you desire. Most people do not know. Most people have a vague interest in having more money, or random stuff but they never clearly define what they actually desire. It’s interesting that when you watch interviews of sports heroes, almost all of them tell how they envisioned that exact moment in their mind whether it be wining the Superbowl, Olympic event, etc.

Tip #2 – See yourself as already possessing that which you desire. Most people leave their dreams in the future. They are constantly “going to get there”. If you mentally project all your dreams in the future, they will remain in the future. Act as if you already have what you want and stop craving it or talking about when you are going to have it. How would you feel mentally if you already had that which you desire? Act that way!

Tip #3 – Get out of your head. No one meditated their way to success. It is popular for people to pick on the blockbuster movie phenomenon “The Secret” as people says it teaches people to just dream about success all day when that is not accurate. Know that when you make a ton of money people will criticize you too. Think about Jack Canfield’s story in the secret, he talks about seeing a magazine one day and how if he could just sell his books through that and he later met someone who worked for them at a speech he was getting. He didn’t go home and burn incense and pray to the magazine gods to guide the person to his doorstep. Too many people live in their head. Visualizing, believing, conveiving are all parts of the process, but, you cannot get anywhere without massive action. Massive action also gives you the confidence in that you deserve it too. Most people cannot believe they deserve something UNLESS they work hard, perhaps if we could do that we could manifest things but for now, take action.

Tip #4 – Change Your Friends. This will be an unpopular one with those that don’t really want to change their life. Notice I said change your friends and not to become a pompous idiot. Some people seem to confuse the two. This does not mean all of a sudden that you are better than your current friends but if you are hanging out people that spend their days picking apart your dreams like they are getting paid to do so, success is going to be almost impossible. You are the average of your 5 closest friends and when you hang around those that have the mindset and lifestyle you desire, you cannot help but change.

Tip #5 – Stop caring what people think of you. This may help you out with #4. If you try to please everyone around you, you will lead a miserable life. Care what YOU think about YOU. You will never please everyone but you can please yourself.

Tip #6 – Stomp your feet. There is no power in being timid. Stop tiptoeing through life trying to get everyone’s permission and go out and seize what you desire and deserve. Be bold. Stop seeing all the reasons why you cannot do something and know that you are __________ (insert first name) freaking _________(insert last name) so you can accomplish whatever the hell you want.

Tip #7 – Shut your cakehole. Stop talking about how you are going to do this and that and just do it. Ever notice that the people that get the most done, just get it done and don’t talk about getting it done. Some think motivation is coming up with a big set of words on how you are going to accomplish this, that is not action. People in action do not have time to tell everyone they know how successful they are going to be, they are simply too busy taking action toward achieving what they want to desire.

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