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7 Things Your MLM Leaders
Need to Hear You Say


Everyone studies how to be better MLM Leaders but what about when you are just getting started or on your way to becoming a leader? This post will help you grow into a leader by starting your MLM business right.

What NOT to Say to Your MLM Leaders

1. I sure hope this one works. This is an indication that you believe that it is something external of you that will determine your success or failure. This is never the case.

2. I’m gonna “try” this out for a bit and see what happens. This indicates  you believe that there is a form of sorcery that operates out of luck and it just might make you successful. “Trying” a new business out guarantees its failure.

3. I’m gonna be your biggest producer! Unfortunately, 100% of the time I have ever heard this, the person ended up falling ridiculously short of theirs and my expectation. Instead of telling your MLM leaders what you are going to do…show them.


7 Things MLM Leaders Should Hear From You

1. What are your suggestions for me? Now, let me be clear, not all MLM leaders are created equally but if you come to most with this simple question, they will suggest to you advice that will help you start generating money (as it also generates money to them).

2. I plan on putting 12-36 months into this. Good MLM leaders love to hear this and will want to work with you as most of us spend so much time training people that we get turned off when someone has the “Get Rich Quick” mentality.

3. I talked to X number of people today. One of the first questions I ask people when they call me for advice on building their network marketing business is “How many people did you talk to today or yesterday about your business?” If you are serious about your business, you NEED to talk to people daily.

4. I’m coming to the company convention! This is huge. MLM leaders know that it takes commitment to travel to events and THIS is the X factor. I just don’t know if you can ever have big success if you skip out on the training and excitement of live events.

5. What do you suggest for a daily routine? This is great, balanced and long term question that MLM leaders love to hear. By the way, if you need a “solid as a rock” routine, you can enter your information in the upper right hand corner of this website and download it immediately.

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6. I did what you asked me to do. This is a biggie, a lot of times people come to me for advice in my company, I give it to them and then they call back for more advice having not completed what I originally suggested. Don’t be this person!

7. I’m gonna do it your way. Hopefully the reason you are talking to the specific MLM leaders you are is because they have achieved something that you do not have but want. They are going to suggest a certain way of doing things and instead of arguing, reinventing the wheel or creating your own way, do it their way until you reach at least $5,000 per month in income and THEN, maybe, mix in your creativity (not that you have to) but do it the way your MLM leaders are suggesting at least at first.

How you treat your MLM Leaders will dictate if you ever become one

Keep in mind that however you treat your MLM leaders will literally dictate IF you ever become one. If you chastise them, criticize them and don’t listen to them, subconsciously, without you even knowing it, you will sabotage yourself from ever becoming an MLM leader so YOU never get treated that way…things that make you go hmmmm…

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