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7 Steps to MLM Success

Those that struggle or fail to have MLM success are typically missing one or more of the 7 steps to
MLM Success. This blog is gonna help identify and understand which, if any, of them you need to work on if you want to have major network marketing success.

Do You Want to Be One of the MLM Success Stories?

Perhaps you have not made that decision yet. I will tell you why most people have not, and that is because they are more worried about MLM Success and what that will mean to them and the people around them and
their family than they worry about failure. Know that you can have a great life and you deserve to share a wonderful life with people around you.

MLM Success in 7 Steps

Here are what I consider the 7 steps to MLM Success:

  1. Education
  2. Vision
  3. Understanding and Contrast
  4. Landmines
  5. Retention
  6. Duplication
  7. Leadership

If you can master those 7 and fully understand them, you can have MLM success beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s briefly go into them and uncover what the key concepts are.

Education – You have to constantly work on getting better educated by attending events but also working on your own, when no one is looking, on yourself and your mindset.

Vision – Why the heck are you doing this? What do you hope to gain or get away from?

Understanding and Contrast – What are your other options? What risk and overhead is associated with other ways to make a living? What length of time would it take you to reach your dream life without striving for MLM success?

Landmines – Most get wiped out through one of the landmines. Do you understand you will encounter doubt and even rejection? Do you
understand that leaders will leave your company and things will change but it is up to you to stay the path, not anyone else.

Retention – Those that struggle with retention do not understand the power of the community. People want to belong to something larger than themselves and you want to give them a great community to be a part of.

Duplication – This has nothing to do with the company and all to do with the leader. Not every person will duplicate regardless of the effort of the leader but the leader is to focus their energy and laser focus on those that are going to step up. Having a great community is step1 , developing great relationships is the second part.

Leadership – The buck stops here. You are responsible. Continue the path to become a great trainer as that is what is needed at the highest level. Create two communities, one for all and one for the leaders. Continue to do the things that got you here and do not take your foot off the pedal to reach ultimate MLM Success!

Video Version for 7 Steps to MLM Success


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