7 Millionaire Speaking Secrets

 I’m going to share seven practical, but especially the last one you’re not going to be able to get into until you’re on stage.

How long have you wanted to be a speaker? Since high school? Have anxiety? Feel like you don’t sound right?

These are really common thoughts for sure.

What did Moses say? Moses was like “Hey I’m not very eloquent here…you sure you got the right guy, God?”

Do you feel like you’re called to do it, but you don’t want to do it? I’m curious because there’s lots of things that God has nudged me to do that I didn’t want to do. In fact most of the things he has me do, I don’t want to do.

You don’t have to be perfect. 

Have you heard of or know who Glenn Turner is? He had a program called Turner. There was a DVD that I saw years ago called Turner Turner Turner. Glenn Turner was actually in my network marketing team many years ago and Glenn (rest in peace) was one of the great ones but he had been born very poor, had a hair lip, super short dude did not have what you would typically think a great speaker should have…right? Had a little bit of a lisp because of the hair lip and he rocked that stage harder than most people I’ve seen. I’ve heard a lot of amazing stories about him, just incredible. So there’s a few things that you need and having an amazing sounding voice is not one of them. Now if you’re wanting to succeed on radio that’s one thing, but not as a speaker. All right let’s hop in.

Seven secrets.

If you are new here I have generated millions of dollars in speaking, whether it’s in sales….I don’t know exactly what I’ve been compensated to speak in total, but I’ve been paid up to 30,000 bucks to do a keynote speech which I think is up there. There’s certainly higher paid speakers out there, but I was terrible when I started. Just atrocious and I’ve just climbed my way up by learning some things and so I want to give you the most streamlined way for you to get better as a speaker. For you to start making more money as a speaker and for you to be more in demand as a speaker.

Real quick, if you have an event coming up (you or your company) either a team event or company event and you would like to see if maybe I’m a fit for what you’re looking for…. sometimes I do virtual options, sometimes I do in person options, depends on what you’re looking for…you can shoot an email to [email protected]. Just describe your event (is it virtual or is it in person, how many people, where is it at) and we’ll see if we can figure something out.

Secret number one.

It’s difficult to put these in chronological order but I tried. The first secret is, Know Your Role. I see a lot of people blowing this… Know Your Role. If you’re asked to speak you need to understand your role. Now some people see if they’re asked to speak they’re like “oh yeah baby I already know what story I’m going to share” right? Well they’re not thinking correctly. You need to find out when you’re asked to speak, what are the goals of the person that asked you to speak? What’s your role? Is it a testimonial? Is it a moment of inspiration? Is it a keynote? You want to know who’s the audience? What are they looking for? What’s my time allotment? You want to know all those different things. Let me tell you there’s a lot of people that are in this quandary of “well I feel like I need to be better at speaking…” You can’t get better in your head so I’m going to give you some logical steps that will help you, but these aren’t going to make you better if you’re not getting on stage, if you’re not pushing past that fear. Most people want to be this person over here but they want to grow sitting over there…so they want to have transformation without pushing into the areas that are uncomfortable and that’s not possible.

I want you to think about this did you learn to ride a bike by reading a PDF? Did you learn to ride a bike by watching a webinar? Did you learn to swim by going through a video course? Now it doesn’t mean that a PDF or a video course or DVD or whatever wouldn’t help but you can’t get there without going and getting uncomfortable. Falling off the bike and scraping your knee, almost drowning holding on to the side. You can’t get there in your mind. You have to be pushing yourself. If your first time speaking on stage you’re just like easy breezy…. one there’s something unique about you because that definitely wasn’t me. But let me just say that’s nobody. I mean I don’t know anyone that their first time speaking and they were not nervous at all. I would be nervous for you because to me that would indicate there is arrogance…there is a little too much confidence, because you should really only have confidence around things that you’ve done. You weren’t confident you may have been courageous. You may have been brave but you’re confident about things you’ve done.

One of my favorite examples is David and Goliath. Goliath is talking smack and David said “I’m going to punch him in the mouth” (I’m paraphrasing here) but the king said “bro you play the flute and stuff… this guy’s been a warrior longer than you’ve been alive. The head of his spear weighs 15lbs, his armor alone is 120lbs.” Side note, his armor alone was probably heavier than David but what does David say? “Hey man I’ve killed lions and bears protecting the sheep.” So he went to confidence, he went to what have I done and he stepped into that. You should not desire or want to be totally comfortable before ever trying to speak because I just never would have been on any stage. I went from absolutely horrible to terrified ready to quit my job because they asked me to do a small presentation while speaking on the Vegas Strip. It was about a year and a half or two years later. You can get there! But…if I didn’t do that first thing that was really uncomfortable then I never would have gotten there.

Know Your Role if you’re asked to speak, if you’re asked to do the prayer, if you’re asked to do the introduction, that’s not the place to share your greatest story of all time, that’s the place to earn trust. So the biggest suggestion here….and I’ve seen this so many times (so this is why it’s a secret) where it’s clear to the audience when someone is out of their role. When someone gets up there and they say, “hey you know I’ve been asked to introduce Jimmy and before I do though let me just tell you things haven’t been so so easy for me….” and then like 20 minutes later where’s Jimmy? So Know Your Role it’s very likely that that first speaking slot that you have on a stage isn’t the one that you actually desire.

Secret Number Two.

Number two is so important, mind your time. Now this is similar but you have to mind your time. I know a lot of event organizers. By the way there’s no shortage of speakers. If you build a following, build a brand you will have plenty of speakers that will be willing to speak at your event. I’m telling you there’s no lack of speakers so it isn’t like “oh this person really tells their story well so I’m going to be flexible and let them go 20 minutes over….” that doesn’t exist. I know a lot of event people that if you’re speaking on their stage and you go over they may be nice to you but they won’t invite you back. That was it, you got one shot and you blew it, so you have to mind your time. Sometimes this can be weird. I remember there was an event where….

Well let me tell you where you’ll screw this up. You have to be really careful crafting presentations because if you craft a presentation here’s the tendency. Let’s say that you’re given 10 minutes to speak and you craft this presentation that you think is going to take about 10 minutes but guess what you’re really feeling the spirit and you’re really expanding on that first story and you the audience is just “yeah baby” the audience is just loving it and and you look at the time and there’s 2 minutes left and you have eight slides left don’t go through those slides. You need to land the airplane. Just realize you are not going to get through them all. You shouldn’t say “oh I didn’t have time for this..” I’ve seen that so many times so the audience’s takeaway is not “boy I sure wish he had more time” which I think is the speaker’s desire, the audience reaction often is “this person doesn’t know how to manage their time what else don’t they know how to manage.” If you’re 7 minutes in, 8 minutes into a 10-minute talk and you have 9 slides left…do not click through those slides. You screwed up. It’s okay. Land the plane well, so either turn off the slides or whatever but do not sit there and click through them. Wish I could have done this…that was the one secret….oh yeah I don’t have time for… and I’ve also seen people that were like well “I wish Jerry would have given me more time.” You want to guarantee not to ever get more time? Just say that, just insult the person that asked you on stage. “Yeah I wish they would have given me more time but they didn’t so here we are so now the audience most of them are against you because they’re there most likely cuz they love the event organizer and now you’re now you’re calling them out and they asked you on stage. You didn’t manage your time right and now the majority of the audience is against you. They may have been totally eating out of your hand and loving you but now they are thinking, “can’t manage their time, didn’t share with me all the things they were supposed to.” See people in the audience don’t always understand who puts together the slides or where you asked to cover certain things that you didn’t cover? So it only shows bad for you, right? It doesn’t create this ravenous hunger to hear the rest of your story, it makes most of them be against you which you never want to do. right? What’s the hippocratic oath that doctors have, “Do no harm.” Don’t do yourself harm here. Often the way that you do this is you don’t pay attention to the time or you have a PowerPoint that you must stick to you, a presentation I got to stick to….well guess what you have to stick to the time, you don’t have to stick to the the PowerPoint or the slides or whatever.

Let me give you a fun story. This was a good lesson for me. A few years ago I was speaking and at one point I was 22 days a month on the road Vegas – Chicago – Phoenix – Miami – LA, 22 days a month on the road. I don’t recommend that it’s just rough, you’re living out of your suitcases you don’t even put stuff away. Can be profitable but it’s not fun. I’d been doing some form of profit producing speaking at this point for probably 12 years so I honestly wasn’t sure if I had any more speaking lessons to learn. I mean I can always get better at my craft but like as far as a surprise or something I don’t know. Anyways I was hired by this company (there’s about a thousand people in the room) paid full price to have me as a keynote and they told me they wanted me to speak for 90 minutes. I’m like great. I put together a presentation (back then I relied a lot on slides) and I’m supposed to speak Friday night.

They came to me and they’re like “oh man we’re way over….Dude can we have you speak tomorrow?”

I said “absolutely”

They said, “it’s probably not going to be 90 minutes…”

I said, “okay.” I mean it’s their dime they paid.

They said, “maybe 60 minutes.”

When I’m hired I want to be put to work.

[I’m going to shout out to my buddy Colton, when he hired me I told him, “dude if you’re hiring me put me to work!” They put me to work. I did a Friday morning thing, I did a Friday night thing, I did a Saturday morning thing, I did a Saturday night thing, I did a Sunday thing, they put me to work. I’d rather while I’m there be doing more, not less. I’m not looking for time off, I’m not looking to go to the spa, I don’t go to the spa when I’m hired to go speak somewhere.]

So this company says, “hey it’s not going to be 90 minutes probably going to be 60 Minutes.”

I said, “okay.”

Then later that day or the next day they said, “oh man we’re really struggling here it may not even be 60 minutes..” and I said, “listen you put that clock however long you want me to talk…I’m a clock guy I will manage that clock.”

I have to say this because I did recently go over by like a minute or two, but it’s very rare for me to go over. I haven’t quite learned how to master the telling of the Faith story because as soon as the Holy Spirit kicks in I’m just like “ah man I only have so much time..” so that is still a little bit of a battle for me. I go up on stage thousand people there had a presentation prepared that was 90 minutes now that was dumb of me I didn’t alter the presentation but I also didn’t know how long I actually had so I figured if it’s 60 Minutes even if it’s 45 minutes I could probably make this thing work, but it was 17 minutes. I prepared a presentation for 90 minutes. I walk on stage and I’m confronted by the audience. Hopefully they couldn’t tell, right? I kept a poker face but I’m finding out how long I have and it’s only 17 minutes when I prepared for 90. I’m finding out on stage right and I’m like okay, I don’t really know what to do with the PowerPoint at that point but I figured I’ll do the intro. I’m trying to remember all the slides…this was a mistake. As soon as I saw 17 minutes I shouldn’t have even shown a PowerPoint, I should have just been like nope. This taught me two things actually, one if I ever use slides again they’re going to be very sparse and I’m just not going to use a lot of them. By the way it’s a mistake unless you’re teaching scripts it’s a mistake to have a lot of text on your slides. I see people do this all the time. This is not a video sales letter. I bet you’re struggling to make money in your business and they’re just reading the words off the screen and you speaking on stage is not a video sales letter. It’s not you reading words off of a slide or else why do they even need you? Your text unless you’re teaching a script that they need to know. If you have a script then it’s actually nice of you to type it out and have them take a picture of it. The two things I learned about that 17 minute that was supposed to be a 90 minute one was not to have elaborate long number of slides and number two when I finished I said, “hey you know that’s my time everyone thank you so much” and there was a groan. It was like people looking around like “is he joking….” because I make a lot of jokes on stage. So people thought I was joking that I was getting off the stage and they’re looking around like is he serious and looking at their watches. I didn’t complain, I didn’t say “well we should have had more time…” Thank you, that’s my time. I appreciate you so very much. I hope this was helpful, bye. There was a big groan and as I walked off stage one of the Executives was there and the executive said, “hey great job.” I was flustered because I had so much more to give and I don’t remember exactly what I said but I just didn’t do a great job of accepting their compliment. They were honestly giving me a compliment. So it was two valuable lessons. You want to always look at if you have a tough time speaking, if something goes a little bit different than you wanted. Learn from it.

Secret Number Three.

Number three is (this is how I got on a lot of big stages, it’s very simple and very few people do it) ILTEE. Invest Learn Teach Execute Edify. Let me just break this down for you. Back in early 2019 I hired Grant Cardone and gave him $100,000 for 6 hours of his time. In the first one-on-one he gave me a different way of thinking about events, had me cancel our event that I had sold all the tickets for and I ended up getting more people to that event and made over a million extra that year. I invested lots of money (100 Grand – that’s 17 grand an hour or something) totally worth it. I invested, learned and then taught my clients (back then it was Top Earner Club, today it would be my Higden Maxwell Mentorship Program). I took notes on all these meetings (we had six of them) and I taught some publicly but majority I taught privately to my clients that paid substantial amounts to be my client and be in our Mastermind or Mentorship program.

I executed. I took his advice and actually did it (a wild concept isn’t it) I canceled the hotel and I told all the people that had booked a ticket, “hey we’re moving it…I’m happy to move you over here” some moved, some didn’t, but we gained. We added a thousand more people the same year to that event that I moved. Then I edified, I shot (he didn’t even ask me for it) a little video and I sent it to Grant’s office. Saying “Hey the 100 Grand I invested in Grant in the very first call helped me make an additional million dollars.” Guess what happened, he’s like “hey Ray hey you want to speak at 10x?” I of course said, “yes thank you!” So they had me on stage. It wasn’t a full-blown speaking slot, but I was up there for a little bit…they had me on after Magic Johnson. Now I can say I’ve spoken on the 10x stage. That’s kind of cool, right?

Let me give you another example. I hope you get this one because this one is actually easy, but you’re probably going about it wrong. Russell Brunson invited me out to a mastermind at Pirates Cove this was 2017. Russell had just written a new book and if I’m going to go out there I should probably read his new book and at the time it was Expert Secrets. I read this book on the plane to Vegas to hang out with his Mastermind and it’s awesome, it blows me away. At the Mastermind I chatted with Russell a little bit and based on the book which is about running profitable memberships and cultures I launched Rank Makers that week. Read the book and that week we launch rank makers. We actually received one of Russell’s two comic Club X awards for the rank makers funnel doing over 10 million. He sent us that in 2019 so in two years that funnel does $1 million. Now what did I do? I invested, I bought the book, I went to The Mastermind, I learned, I taught my clients, I executed and then I edified. I shot Russell a little video. Didn’t ask for it. Shot him a little video, “hey man I read your book and I went to The Mastermind and I launched this program and it’s making us a great amount of money, thank you Russell you’re amazing! “Hey Ray, you want to speak of funnel hacking live?” “Yes! 5,000 people let’s do it!” let’s do it so I think it was 2019 might have been 2018 but super cool and amazing.

Here’s where people go wrong: they don’t like edifying. They like to read, they’ll study, invest (most people that are serious entrepreneurs will invest some amount) they’ll learn, very few will teach.  I don’t go through a book unless it’s just garbage, which doesn’t happen because I pray before I read any book so I already know if this is a book I’m supposed to read or not. I just don’t read a good book without sharing from it, without teaching from it, without doing videos from it. Here’s what people screw up if they won’t edify. They’re nervous to edify so they’ll go learn something and then they’ll share it and not tell the source because they think “well if I tell the source then they’ll just go to Russell, if I tell the source they’ll just go to Grant if I tell the source they’ll just go to John, if I tell the source then they’ll just go to Jesus”, right? That’s the source then it’s okay for them to go to it. You have to get over that because a lot of people, number one they can’t afford the guru they can’t afford to plop a 100 G’s in Grant’s lap, they can’t afford to to buy the Russell Mastermind right? but they could work with you! When you’re really gracious about edification it’s amazing.

If I look at a lot of the people now, not everyone but if I look at a lot of the speakers we had at our event Faith Over Fear, guess what a lot of them did? They invested in one of our programs, they got our gold mentorship or whatever…they learned some stuff, they taught some stuff, they executed, got some results and then they shared with me. Now there’s a lot of people that have gotten results from our different programs that never told me, that never edified us so we never knew. Had they edified us we would have had them up on stage. It’s not that hard. This is not that complex so if you want to almost guarantee that you get on stage, start being better executors and edifiers and they’re going to want you on their stage.

I remember Amy Murphy. She came to me with this story and I’m like “uh uh please pretty pleased with sugar berries on top please come on my stage please come to our event!” She had been in network marketing for 17 years, had never made more than she spent, found my social media training and now  she’s a million-dollar earner. If you’ve been at this for less than 17 years or if you’ve ever made more than you spent you’re in a better position than she was….will you keep going, I don’t know? But see she told me the story. See that could be someone that I just didn’t hear the story and didn’t ask her to be on stage.

Another person and someone I had on stage at this past event Christina Danielle. She has been the number one recruiter in her company for years…four or five years now and she does it 100% through our cold messaging scripts and she told me. She executed, got results, she edified and so I’m like, “please come on stage we’d love to have you up on stage!” She introduced me on day one of our event. 

Secret Number Four.

Number four (this is one of the harder ones. I’ll tell you why it’s a hard one because I’ve come to understand it and that is your) Voice Pitch and Range. Believe me when I say this most top earners, most Hustlers, most Grinders that reach the top of anything had struggles as a kid and they are either trying to make their father proud of them (they don’t even realize it) or trying to prove to the world or just trying to prove themselves. I’ll show you. When you run into someone that says your past trauma doesn’t dictate who you are I just go out there and I show up and I grind it out. The observations they made as a kid are in their blind spot, it’s wild. You’ll never be free if you roll that way. So those of us (and I include me) who grew up in an abusive home, so a lot of betrayal. Those of us who’ve been betrayed there’s a piece in our mind, in our subconscious that said “hey don’t let down your guard if you trust someone they’re only going to hurt you because that’s what happened in the past.” One of the most vulnerable positions you can be in. When you go to an abused dog, that abused dog isn’t just going to roll over for you and let you pet its belly. It’s going to cower…it doesn’t want it and it doesn’t trust you. So when you’ve been betrayed, when you’ve been hurt, when you have trust issues the equivalent of the dog rolling on its back and exposing its belly is using voice, is using pitch in your voice.

I guarantee you’ve never heard that analogy but here’s what that looks like. If you’ve been through some stuff you may share that…I’m not talking about sharing it I’m talking about being vulnerable enough to allow emotions to come into your talk. I don’t just mean the hype.

We ran a reality TV show. We did two two seasons and in season 2 we had a hype performer in there. She had been through some stuff and we’re like tell us your story. She’s like, “well I grew up in a very abusive home, I was hooked on meth and I really struggle tried to kill myself, but now I’m a top earner.” Back then I didn’t understand what I understand now but you may be vulnerable and share with your words your story but you won’t put your heart into it, you won’t be vulnerable you won’t say “…that’s when he broke my heart….that’s when she started hitting me….that’s when…” You won’t mix that pitch in there where you have some ups and some downs. I mean I could tell you my story….“I grew up in an abusive home, I really struggled with self-confidence and literally hated myself. There was a time as a teenager where I looked in the mirror, I hated myself so much I punched the mirror and broke it. Tried killing myself, but now I’ve made millions of dollars online.”

Doesn’t it seem off? But most top producers that’s how they tell their story. It’s all up here nice and safe. Just imagine the abused dog like this…now I know it looks confident and powerful but it’s not. If I tell you that same story of….

“I grew up in an abusive home and I learned to sleep in a ball because it would give me a split second to brace for being thrown against the closet as she searched for my legs and that followed me throughout my life. Hated myself tried killing myself twice and if you’ve struggled with that I get you, I understand you, but here’s the thing…you can come out of that, you can use that pain to help others you can use that experience to go out there and make a difference and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. By doing that year after year I’ve built a lifestyle that most people would love to have and I’d love to show you how to do that too.” 

Notice I didn’t even go high, I stayed down the whole time. Most people if they have trust issues, betrayal issues they’re going to stay high. Here’s how you know if you’re staying High. Just listen, you don’t have to look, don’t pay attention to the words but just listen to your speech. What’s the pitch? Is there variance? When I go there and really talk about how tough it was and how much every single night I was filled with rage, but then I’ve also had the highs…I remember speaking in front of 26,000 people. Is there range? For most people there is no range. For most people it’s all at the top. Not easy to learn because you want a default to just get the information out there, right? 

Secret Number Five.

Number five, Be willing to go there. Be willing to talk about the thing that happened to you that didn’t ask for…you didn’t ask for child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse… you didn’t ask for those things. You didn’t ask to be in an abusive relationship but it happened and because it happened you now have the keys to help somebody else.

Something that came out this past weekend while I was in Cabo on a retreat with John and Lisa B (I love them, they’re incredible) they said something I think was from John. He says, “you are not your own, you were bought with a price you don’t have the right to stay comfortable when so many other people aren’t.” Want to know what I call an impostor? Impostor is the person that says they want to change the world and they want to help a lot of people but they’re not willing to personally get uncomfortable. That’s an impostor, not the person that’s doing videos before they have success. That’s actually bravery and courage. It’s courageous, but the person that says they want to make a difference but they’re not willing to get uncomfortable that’s an impostor. If you’re serious about changing lives and making a difference, making an impact then you’re going to have to get uncomfortable.

Secret Number Six. 

Number six, Body Movements and Pauses. “ums” aren’t that big of a deal, I think they’re stressed. So much saying the word um or even ah fixing that and not saying those isn’t that big of a game changer, but what is a game changer is if you change those ums and ah’s or even keep the ums and ahs but you bring in a pause. Why? because it allows the audience to sink in and for them to really get the lesson. If I had to pick no longer say um’s and ah’s or get better at pausing? Get better at pausing all day long! Don’t underestimate the power of the pause and body movements. When you want to make a point it’s a good idea for you to move back and forth on stage, but don’t be like a duck in a shooting range. Don’t just stand behind the pulpit or whatever but also  don’t be that duck in the shooting range. Make sure that you’re making some eye contact with all areas of the audience. Now sometimes that’s difficult. The weirdest is the center stage… when I spoke at 10x growth con that was a centered stage. I think they had like 15,000 people there (I think it was MGM Grand I’m not sure though) but there was a stage right in the middle and an audience all around, that’s a little more difficult than most situations you’ll be in. A lot of times there’s these extreme lefts and rights that get ignored and so you want to do your best job to have some FaceTime with each segment. That’s powerful, but when you’re ready to make a point you want to stand like a statue so it’s good to to move, good to have FaceTime, then stand like a statue. If the event is being live streamed you need to make the audience feel connected so it’s a good idea to shout out live stream. You don’t have to stare at the camera the whole time while people are looking at you like, “where’s he looking?” you know what I mean You can address “hey live stream…appreciate you being here!” That’s kind of good enough. Rest of the time focus on the people in front of you. I know that not everyone’s going to be in that situation but I wanted to share that. Do not turn your back to the audience.

Let me show you something I learned from Simon Sinek. Don’t hold your phone. Instantly people feel less important. It feels like you’re waiting on something or someone more important… “oh oh oh hey I got to go…” right? Just the holding of a phone makes the audience feel less important. Just holding it, not even talking on it or looking at it. Isn’t that interesting, but it’s true. It’s okay to have notes like it’s not that big of a deal…pastors have notes, I don’t always have notes but a lot of times I do. It’s not a big deal, but don’t don’t go up there and read your notes off. Don’t go hold this and read off your notes. Instantly makes the audience feel less important. Print it out, write it down. Do not write what you’re going to say verbatim that’s crazy just make some bullets.

Secret Number Seven.

Number seven getting paid as a speaker. This is such a huge topic. The majority of speakers I have ever met that are successful did a lot of free speaking first. Spoke at a lot of Events first for free and I think too many people get caught up in this…especially brand new. What I wanted more than money was exposure. I wanted to get in front of audiences, I wanted to get experience and I wanted exposure. Too many people get caught up on what I am going to get paid as a speaker. I did so many free things for so many years. Now I always had a plan to somehow derive some money from it… I’ll give you an example. When I learned internet marketing I used to go to real estate brokerages (this is 2005, 2006, 2007) and I would say “hey I’d love to do a free training for your Realtors on how to use the internet, how to use social media to get more sales.” They’d be like, “well how much?” I’d say, “no, no worries.” I was just trying to get connections. I had a plan. I would tell them about what I did when I bought investment properties. Number two is I would drive them to my real estate events that I ran. So I had a plan to make future money but I was willing to do the upfront speaking and upfront training at no charge. Not a big deal.

The least creative and most difficult way to make money as a speaker is to ask for a fee. This was our 10th year of running an annual event and I mean this last event we had 30 speakers. Of 10 years of running an event ranging from eight speakers to 30 I mean I probably only paid eight, nine maybe the rest we’re trading….hey I want to get exposure, I want to get in front of your crowd or sometimes in special situations I would let them offer their course or product or coaching or whatever. So the least creative and most difficult is for you to want to charge a fee to be a speaker. I would start thinking a little bit differently. We’ll get into this…but how can you craft a talk that would have the audience wanting to work closer with you based on whatever you’ve experienced, whatever you’ve overcome.

One of my mantras is “help the person you used to be.” You’ve overcome…maybe you lost 10lbs, maybe you lost 100lbs, maybe you got in great shape, maybe you overcame a bad relationship, maybe you homeschool your kids, maybe you’ve learned something or overcome something or survived something that would be very valuable to others to understand. What kind of talk could I put together that I’d be willing to do for free but would lead some of the audience to want to work with me and either hire me as a coach or hire me as a consultant or buy my program or e-book or book or whatever. A lot of people will publish a book so that they can charge a speaking fee. You’re up against some tough competition. There’s a lot of people out there that are asking for a speaking fee. It’s the least creative and the most difficult. Listen, you become world famous like David Goggins…. I recently saw my buddy Ryan pay David Goggins $150,000 to come out and speak at his event and now he’s getting like 200,000 or a quarter million. But you look at David Goggins and his experience level, his tenacity, compared to most people. So getting a speaker fee is the least creative and it’s uh most difficult. I would highly encourage you unless you already have that notoriety, unless you already are a baller shot caller that you might want to work on something that would lead the audience to some kind of compensation with you. That’s what I did for many years.

Let’s work together.

That’s the seven secrets. Was this helpful? If so let me know in the comments.

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