7 Day Incentive Kickoff For My Personal Team

Every now and then I like to sweeten the pot. If you are in my personal team in Numis Network, continue reading and learn about my 7 days of incentives I am doing, if you are not, you can learn more here or simply stop reading. This is going to be a very exciting week as I announce new incentives for my team every single day!

Who is in my personal team in Numis Network?

I know a lot of people online are going to read this so I wanted to make sure you knew some of the marketers that are in my team online. This is not a full list as I just could not list every single person in my team but if you are on ANY of the following peoples’ teams, you are also in my team:

Diane Hochman, Michelle Alpha Pescosolido, Mark Hoverson, David Scwind, Ray and Ferny, Rob Fore, David Wood, Terry Petrovick, Lawrence Tam, Adam Chandler, Jordan Schultz, Dave Lovett, Erwin and Eva McKen, Andrew Murray, Jessica Perretti, Amy Jo Neal, Derrick Arreguin, Shaun Mackey, Nick Bramble, Kenneth and Lisa Bristol, Ron Gelok, Ola and Shola (MLM Brothers), Amanda Robertson, Rachael Mcgregor, and many others, if you are in Numis and want to know if you are in my team, you can email me at [email protected] with your ICR number. Again, I cannot list every single person in my team but wanted to list some of the names you may have seen online.

Video Explaining the 7 days of NumisNetwork Incentives

Make sure you are in our facebook group to hear about each new incentive each day! Email me if you need that link!

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