benefits of a home based business

There are 7 benefits of a home based business that you may not have thought of. I sure didn’t when I was stuck in a cubicle farm and in non-stop meetings.

Now that I escaped the corporate world, I wanna help those that want to escape too!

Benefits: Work From Home

There are more benefits of a home based business than I had ever thought of when I was in corporate America.

I used to drag myself into my last few jobs knowing that there would be meetings I would have to go to that I didn’t want to and those past few years although I did a good job according to my superiors, I was watching that clock and couldn’t wait to get out on my own.

Am I the only one that ever felt this way?

Maybe you love your job.

Maybe your boss and their boss celebrate and appreciate you.

I don’t universally think that all jobs are bad, but…

I sure do think more people should create OPTIONS. Even if you are one of the few that LOVE their job and how they are treated, why not create OPTIONS? One of the big benefits of a home based business is you can start part time, develop some income and now you are better off than MOST of the people you work with.

With me? OK, let’s dive into the 7 benefits of a home based business you may not have thought of. These are all benefits of home business, an Internet business or online business and or network marketing.

Seven Benefits of a Home Based Business

1. No more rush hour traffic. In the below video I talk about a funny story but you really do forget how painful traffic is when you work from home. You actually time your day to avoid the “job-goers”. I recall a day where I had to drive 50 miles in traffic everyday to get to my job, I do not miss those times.

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2. Easily respond to surprises. If one of my sons doesn’t feel good and can’t make it to school, well, it’s simply not a big deal. We all have little surprises happen like car problems, sick kids, etc, when you have the benefit of working from home, well, it doesn’t complicate your life nearly as much.

3. Shaving is optional. Yep, it’s true! I typically go a few days without shaving. When I do share I make sure I record a bunch of blog videos to take advantage of the special occasion.

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4. No permission needed. I always felt like a little kid when I had to ask permission to have a day off from work. For some reason this is one of my favorite benefits of a home based business, no more asking for permission. =)

5. No vacation interruptions. When I left corporate America I was earning about $80,000 a year, for most people I think, that isn’t a bad salary (at least in Florida). One thing that I figured out about working in the corporate world was that the harder I worked they would pay me more but they also demanded more. I saw my bosses and their bosses basically on call like Doctors. That was NOT the life I wanted. Many times I took a rare vacation only to be called from work multiple times, not anymore.

6. You get to choose who you work with. Another of the biggest benefits of a home based business is you no longer are forced to work with people you’d rather not. I encourage home based entrepreneurs to exercise this option. IF you don’t get good energy or vibes from someone, don’t work with them, you have that choice now in your network marketing or home business.

7. Tax write-offs. I am NOT a tax professional, accountant, certified psychiatrist or lawyer so consult with someone who knows all the details but every year we get to write off home meeting costs, the square footage of the home office and many other expenses. In many cases you may actually save more in taxes than you spend on being in that home business.

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Here is a Forbes article sharing 6 more benefits of a home based business, enjoy.

The below video breaks each of these down to help you out and you may enjoy some of the humor =)

Video on the 7 Benefits of a Home Business

Was this helpful? Do YOU plan on going full-time and enjoying the benefits of working from home? Let me know and also be sure to let me know if I left a big benefit out in the comments below!

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