5 Tactics for Your MLM Blog You Wanna See

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Are you running an MLM blog but just not getting any results? If you are serious about getting more network marketing leads and sales, read on for these tactics you probably have never heard of.

Why Should You Have an MLM Blog?

Honestly, not everyone should. If you are NOT going to be consistent, these tips will not help. Also, if you are comfortable prospecting offline, talking to friends and family and getting good results with that, stick to that, THAT is what everyone wishes their downline would do AND what works fastest. I created my MLM blog to start attracting the type of people into my business that I wanted but at the same time, also did home and hotel meetings and actually prospected online and offline.

Can Your MLM Blog Bring you Network Marketing Leads?

Um, yeah! A guy said to me a few weeks ago that he wasn’t sure if he should start an MLM blog due to him not having a list to send the blog to…I quickly informed him that I started my MLM blog to BUILD my list.

With your blog you can attract whoever you want, your blog does NOT have to be written for other network marketers, it can be for realtors, etc. If you need help with this concept, read the article and all the comments on this blog post of mine ==>>Defining your Target Market.

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5 Marketing Tactics for Your blog

1. Be strategic with your pictures. You can use your pictures to frame your content and to subconsciously get your visitors to want to read or look at your MLM blog. Be aware if you have any pointing or eyes looking in any picture you use and make sure the pointing or eyes are looking toward your content, not away from it.

2. Be aware of what picture shows up when you post on Facebook. Again, if there is pointing, you actually want it to point or look toward the right as that is where your link will be. On Facebook the picture always shows up on the left, if your picture has some sort of arrow or pointing to the left, it is graphically suggesting NOT to click your link. (little things add up)

3. Have a signature that allows people to connect with you. My blog used to ONLY allow people to optin to my form but didn’t give them access to contact me directly if they wanted to, make sure you don’t make that mistake as you may get people that just wanna skip to the chase and reach out to you directly and quickly.

4. Drop the social media icons. Before you lose your head and say “Wait a minute Ray, all the guru’s told me to put it on my blog!”. I learned this from Chris Brogan, one of the top bloggers in the world. He accurately summed up social media by saying it’s only purpose was to build relationships to eventually get more people to your website or mlm blog. Well, now that those visitors are on your blog, why would you tempt them and send them away from exactly where you want them to be? You want them to STAY on  your blog as long as possible as it boosts your statistics with google and increases the chances they will optin or buy something.

5. Become a content creation machine. OK, this MLM blog tip  you may have heard already but I cannot stress it enough. Attending events and watching live webinars is the fastest and most powerful way. However, DON’T just attend as a consumer, constantly think “How Can I take this info and regurgitate it on my blog?”

Here are two things I highly suggest to help with step 5:

1. IF you are in Florida or even close, this event that I am putting on is one of the most intimate AND cost effective events you will ever attend. The Pro Marketing Summit

2. Tonight my friends are doing an entire live webinar on Generating and Converting Network Marketing Leads. Rob Fore is THE best SEO dude for MLM Blogs, him, Daegan Smith and Todd Falcone are going to crush it tonight and you can attend for Free by registering at this link.

Hope these 5 tactics help you in your quest to get massive leads and traffic with your MLM blog, if you are a blogger, be sure to comment below on which one you agree with most.

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