5 Steps To Unlimited Prospects | Are you struggling to get prospects for your network marketing business? This is a common obstacle for beginners, but you just need to know the key ingredients to ensure success in this industry! In this video, I’ll reveal the 5 steps to unlimited prospects in network marketing!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

I’m going to cover five steps to unlimited prospects.

In the last three years, I’ve helped network marketers bring in over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps and achieved 14,000 rank advances. A lot of that is because they had an abundance of prospects. Let me show you how.

First, we’ll go over these five steps to unlimited prospects. This seriously will wipe out any scarcity that you have in locating people to talk to.

Next, I’m going to talk about closing. It’s not enough to just get a bunch of people to talk to like how do you actually get them to purchase your product or join your team or whatever it is you’re trying to do and lastly, I’m going to talk about the biggest key which is how to stay consistent.

If you’re not consistent, you need to hear this one.

The five steps are:

  • marketing
  • prospecting
  • follow-up
  • managing rejection
  • staying consistent


You need to understand the difference between marketing and prospecting.

Marketing is actually passive, you’re doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to.

That could be a TikTok, it could be a Facebook live, it could be a Facebook post.

It’s something you hope someone sees but it’s not directed at an individual person.

Prospecting is you reaching out to an individual.

That could be a text message, that could be a postcard, that could be you placing a phone call, seeing them face to face and the language used in marketing is not the same that you would use in prospecting and vice versa.

And so sometimes people will hear a script and they’ll use it but it’s clearly a prospecting script but they’ll use it in their marketing, right?

I’ll give you an example:

One that we’ve taught network marketers is to say,

“Hey, would you be open and take a look at what I’m doing to make some extra money if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

That doesn’t really make sense as a marketing post. But if you’re talking to someone that you know, it works.

I’ve used it hundreds and hundreds of times.

This is something that first you need to understand the difference.

Now most people want to be able to market. To put something out there and a whole bunch of people respond to it and they just collect the sales. That’d be awesome, right?

Well that is awesome and you can get there but it’s usually not fast. It’s usually not something that happens just immediately, instantly or anything like that.

While you’re working on your marketing to attract people to you, you also need to be doing prospecting.


I read a book called Go For No.

This makes sense and it may sound weird but Go For No is the concept of you getting over your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection and you just collect no’s.

The theory is if you go for a certain number of no’s, eventually you’ll get some yeses and you know improve your skills along the way but it worked like crazy.

It worked like crazy! Within five months, I was at ten thousand dollars a month and that network marketing company.

Seven months, I was at forty thousand and then I became the number one income earner in that company mainly using those concepts of doing a video day and going for 20 no’s a day and that was mainly through prospecting, especially at the beginning.

Follow Up

Now there are many other videos on my youtube channel that teach follow-up.

I’m just going to express to you that bad follow-up is better than no follow-up.

Bad follow-up is better than no follow-up.

You can actually suck at sales but be good at follow-up and you’ll do just fine.

And so follow-up is very, very important.

Managing Rejection

Talked a little bit about managing that rejection, this is so important for you.

This is something I posted on my Facebook that sums up

Stop seeking confidence and instead, seek courage.

The courage of reaching out to someone that you’re a little nervous to reach out to. The courage of walking up to someone when you really don’t want to do that and you’re afraid.

Don’t seek confidence. Confidence comes from you having courage in the moment over and over and over and over.

The big mistake that people make around their emotions is they’re like well, I wish I was confident enough to go over there.

You’re not.

Instead, tap into courage and walk over there or and whatever that means to you. Whether that’s call someone, text someone, reach out to someone, do that video when you don’t want to or you’re nervous to to share something about your life.

Your mission very simply is quantity.

How many people are you getting in front of your opportunity or your product every day, that’s it.

So, does the realtor take their limited number of friends and try to convince them to sell their house even when they don’t want to? No, that would be crazy, right? It wouldn’t work, would it?

Well, it’s the same thing in network marketing, it’s the same thing in any kind of sales.

You’re seeing who’s open to the benefits of my product service or my opportunity.

If it’s an opportunity, who’s wanting to make some extra money on the side? Great. Let me show it to you. And so the biggest step around closing is understanding that your mission is not to close everybody. No one does.

Your mission is to see who’s open and to see who’s open as many times as you possibly can.

Those who are not. Okay cool, have a great day, no problem, no big deal.

You’re NOT trying to say “Hey, what’s wrong with you buddy?”

You’re not doing that, that’s just weird.

Frustration comes from when you’re trying to take someone who’s in this position over here of not being open and you’re trying to get them to go to this position right here which is closing them.

It’s very frustrating.

I never tried to close someone who wasn’t open. You might want to write that down never try to close someone who isn’t open. Just move on to the next person. It’s the quantity of people through the pipeline.


So, let’s talk about consistency. Now, this is where I am an absolute expert of.

I found that there are two main categories of people around consistency.

Category number one is your coping mechanism is action and you work because of issues with your self-worth.

So, you don’t have any problem with consistency.

The reason I can speak to you and the reason that I typically coach a lot of people like this is that was me.

I helped the person I used to be and so I was a workaholic, I had trouble, I had to really work to spend time with the kids and do things that I was supposed to do.

But I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t doing them and so I would just work, work, work, work, work. Now, work, work, work, work, work to try to fill a hole in self-worth is like trying to plant trees by buying a bunch of banjos.

They’re not congruent.

You can’t achieve a certain level of results ever to fill up that self-worth. They’re different things, that’s a little bit different topic and we may cover that on a future video but the main percentage of people that struggle with consistency, it’s for one reason.

This one reason has many branches to it but the reason that you struggle with consistency is that you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on observations you made in your past. It’s a little heavy, right?

If you saw your parents succeed but they ignored you, then you might draw the conclusion “Oh, well if I succeed, I might ignore my kids. I hated that in my childhood so I just won’t succeed.”

That is not a conscious decision.

No one on the planet is walking around saying “I’m not going to succeed and I’m going to struggle with consistency because I want to spend more time with my kids because my parents didn’t.”

No, that’s a subconscious program.

That’s a program that was created from observation and even if you’ve forgiven them, it’s still there.

Now, what do you do with this stuff?

If you had parents that succeeded and then failed, you may draw the conclusion that the more money I make, the more likely I’m going to fail so if I never want to fall off the mountain, just don’t claim it.

That’s a problem and I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people identify and solve this issue.

It’s not easy, you usually you need some kind of third-party to help you identify it.

But let me help you with something.

First, identify your pattern of non-consistency. When is it you give up?

When do you quit and start to look back on your life and look at the patterns because the patterns are never created in adulthood.

Understand you’re not lazy. Your lack of consistency isn’t laziness.

It’s just you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success. I hope this was helpful to you

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

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