5 Recruiting Tips for
Social Network Marketing


I believe the reason that so many people are so terrible at social network marketing is they just have not been trained. You have probably been approached terribly by someone on social media or in person about how hopped up about their new network marketing company they are, you may want to share this post with them.

What is Social Network Marketing?

Social network marketing is NOT just recruiting someone using social media, it can also involve meeting them in person too, you know, SOCIALLY? There is NO reason why you should “struggle with finding mlm leads” when, for the first time in history, you have millions of people at your fingertips that if you choose to PROSPECT vs just ATTRACT, you simply cannot run out of leads.

5 Tips for Your MLM Recruiting

1. IF you are are prospecting on social media, NEVER send an unsolicited link and in fact, don’t even mention your company name unless the prospect asks for more. Nowadays people think that because their company is new or hot, it’s OK to beat people over the head with it, even if they have not expressed an interest, this is NOT effective in the social network marketing world.


2. Engage people, don’t just go for the one conversation close. This is true online as well as on social media. Why not try this on for size, just to see how you feel, ready?

“Be Friendly”

You don’t have to “close” someone in your very first conversation, not only is it unlikely, it’s HIGHLY likely to turn them off and now you have to start all over with someone else. Be nice, it works in the long run.

3. If you are in a high pitch zone, like a networking meeting, refrain from pitching and instead focus on your follow up. For more on this tactic, check out my favorite offline prospecting blog post.

4. Listen till it hurts. I read something somewhere of how much better people feel when they are listened to and I tested this out on a plane. The lady I sat next to, my goal was to say as little as possible about myself and just ask her questions. She got to talk the entire time and I am sure she concluded that I was a wonderful conversationalist. When we landed she said, “Oh my god, I don’t know anything about you and I’ve told you my life story, can we stay in touch?” Is that a different conversation than most have as network marketers?

5. YOU should secretly be the qualifier. Don’t make this obvious but YOU should be the one qualifying people. When you are doing your social network marketing process, look for things you WANT in a teammate. There are certainly times where I decided NOT to bring up my network marketing company due to the other person NOT being the type of person I wanted to work with. You decide what that looks like.

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